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5 tips to get more buyers & tenants through your door by making the door itself a thing of beauty

5 Nov 2013
5 tips to get more buyers & tenants through your door by making the door itself a thing of beauty
If we judge a book by its cover, we also judge a home by its front door.  Buyers and tenants who come to view your property may have made a judgment about whether your property will be suitable as their next home before they’ve even stepped over the threshold.
image from gorgeous front door of a property Northfields sold in Warwick Road, Ealing is an excellent example of the kind of first impression a door can make.
Here are 5 tips to make sure that you have buyers and tenants knocking down your door to make an offer:

1.  Give it a lick of paint

A simple coat of paint instantly freshens up a front door and boosts kerb appeal.  How to do it?  First buff the door with 220-grit sandpaper, and then prime it so that the paint adheres better. You’ll want to use a paint specially formulated for exterior use to make sure that the paint wears well and resists moisture.

2. Let there be light

Lighting around your front door not only adds ambience but it also lights the path to the door which is particularly important in the winter months when there is a good chance that viewings will happen in the evenings when it’s dark.  If your prospective buyer or tenant trips over at the front door, it would set the viewing off on the wrong foot – in more ways than one! If you want to create a softer light with less glare, try using frosted bulbs.

3.  Show the way

Make sure people coming to view your home can actually find you with a house number or name plaque that is easily visible and well lit.  If your tenant or buyer has been frustrated trying to find the right property that could mean that they are not in the right mind-set to think positively about your property once they do find it.

4.  Plant the idea of a warm welcome

Extend a warmer welcome to prospective buyers and tenants with planted pots grouped around your front door. Check out local garden centres for low-maintenance, seasonal plants.
Dudley gardens 4 bed home in Northfields for sale with lovely front door
Just a few potted plants around the front door of this 4 bedroom house for sale in Dudley Gardens makes this home feel welcoming
5.  Accessorize with style Polish and clean door knockers, doorknobs and letterboxes – they are like the jewellery for your front door. If your door hardware is in bad shape you may want to consider replacing it.  And you may want to lay out the welcome mat, literally, with a new door mat.

Want to make sure you’ve got qualified buyers and tenants lined up outside your door, ready to view your property?

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