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Acton: Why the local buzz?

27 May 2016

On Thursday 19th May we took a trip out of the office to Acton Town Hall and had our own stand at Acton’s very own business expo.

It was a great opportunity for us to chat to other local businesses as well as our local MP, Dr Rupa Huq, and Councillor Julian Bell, leader of Ealing council. Speaking at the expo opening, Julian summed the future of Acton up brilliantly, describing it as “a zone 1 borough for Crossrail, with out-of-London living”.

We just couldn’t resist injecting our own little bit of fun into the day and having balloons at our stand, and we sure had some fun fitting them- and us- into the lift to get there.


Careful Rachel, you might take off!

A zone 1 borough for Crossrail, with out-of-London living

As well as being able to learn about other businesses in the community, we also got to listen to some great talks, including one about -talk of the town- the extent of investment in regenerating Acton. The addition of Crossrail to the town’s already well-connected transport links is part of this regeneration, but the stations already present aren’t being forgotten. North Acton tube station will be getting its own public square which will provide a well-lit entrance to the station, as well as the designed green spaces providing a focal point and functional outdoor space for the local community.

A further exciting part of the outdoor space creation is the £18m fund provided to recreate Gunnersbury park and the Local History Museum. Work started last November, and when finished the restoration of the park and and museum will be accompanied by a brand new sporting hub, and major centre for learning.

The event was a resounding success with over 30 businesses exhibiting, and 180 people attending to seek entrepreneurial inspiration and find out what’s happening within the Acton business scene.

Organiser Carlene Bender was really excited that despite being a local event the turnout was larger than that of the more general Ealing expo, and that people travelling from further afield got to learn about the local buzz surrounding the area’s exciting developments. “I think we accomplished what we set out to do: promote Acton-based business and create a sense of pride about the growing and thriving business scene in the area.”

With house prices not yet caught up with this large injection of regeneration funding and arrival of Crossrail, now is the perfect time to invest in Acton property. For expert local property advice, call our Acton branch on 020 8992 5044 or email on [email protected]