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Cycling in Ealing

21 Apr 2015

As a keen cyclist myself, I know what a daunting thing it can be knowing where to go riding in London. I think it is such a great way to get around and to stay fit. A few of the staff at Northfields are into cycling including our CEO Richard Palfreeman, who in 2013 cycled 1028 miles over 14 days from Land’s End to John O’Groats to raise money for charity, quite an achievement! Where are your favorite places to ride? Send us some pictures of you guys out and about!





Written By SaddleDrunk

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Cycling is one of the fastest growing sports in UK.


Why? I hear you ask.


The reasons related to this growth are various & too numerous to list all of them all, but just few that will help you enjoy the Ealing Cycling Community Feeling.


As Ealing was one of the lucky Councils to be awarded with funds from the government project called “Mini Holland”, the rapid growth of the sport & cycling was inevitable.


In Ealing there are various number of gyms, which provide spinning bikes and big screens showing virtual scenes. But none of these gives you the Freedom of Cycling.


Cycling is a sport, but it also could be part of daily life to commute to work, to the shops, to school and much more. It can be part of our culture.


To join your local British Cycling Affiliated clubs in Ealing, which costs you only £3 per month (including free gifts). Just search SD Racing Team based in South Ealing.


The group (club) has a big variety of riders from beginners to the veteran racers, from those who do not wear Lycra to MAMIL (Middle Aged Men In Lycra), to those who shave their legs to the hirsute! The youngest rider is 14years old & the oldest is 72…


Literally the club is open to everyone and our motto is “no one gets left behind”. We do not race on the roads. We do share it with other road users and we respect each other.


The rides will go in any direction including Richmond Park, Windsor, The Chilterns, Surrey Hills, South Coast, Paris and more.



The club is “Intoxicated with the Freedom of Cycling”, they share a passion and the experience of cycling.


The Club also provide free workshops to teach people how to maintain your bike and to carry out minor repairs.


In West Ealing you can find your local mechanic David Ekersley of  (Official Mechanic of SaddleDrunk) where he can provide you with maintenance, bike fitting and more.


If you like to purchase cycle clothing at reasonable price and support an Ealing born brand you can visit SaddleDrunk which can provide you with High Quality Made in Italy cycling apparel & gifts.


If you have lost confidence in cycling due to an accident, injury, just daily grind life or afraid of the traffic, Ealing Borough has great parks for you to practise in a safe environment.


Happy Riding