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#EalingHourLive: How Twitter Can Bring a Community Together

10 Sep 2014

I have a confession – I did not manage to write, one single tweet during the last #EalingHour on Twitter. 

And that was because I was so busy meeting and greeting the tweeters who regularly participate in #EalingHour in person.


As the hosts of #EalingHour – a weekly hour on Twitter devoted to our beloved borough, Northfields invited members of our local Twitterati to meet, greet, eat and tweet from our offices in Northfield Avenue.

Approximately 40 people ate marvellous food from Casa Roberta and enjoyed the musical stylings of vintage girl group, The Buttercups. Check out this video of The Buttercups in action to get a taster of what you missed (sorry we can't give you a taste test of Casa Roberta's food!):


And most of all we chatted face to face and got to know each other better.

One thing that continually impresses me about our #EalingHour community is how supportive and positive the group is.  With diverse participants who may be business owners, politicians, reporters, churches, charities or involved residents, the group is dynamic and fun.  What we have in common is that we love Ealing.  Everyone is focussed on our community connection and keeping the #EalingFeeling alive and well.

Our CEO Richard Palfreeman was at the event along with a few fantastic members of our team.  Richard spoke and thanked all of the amazing tweeters who have made #EalingHour such a success.  I just want to reiterate that thanks. 

Firstly thank you to everyone who came along to the event and everyone who tweets every Tuesday using the #EalingHour hashtag.  To Carlene Bender and Amy Calver who came up with the idea for #EalingHour in the first place and invited us to host.  To Shelley and Erin at Ealing Mums in Business, Carlene Bender at Contact Us Ealing Magazine, Darren Halford who hosts the Ealing Events Facebook group, Chris McIntosh at The Best of Ealing and Annemarie at Ealing Today for helping us to publicise the event.  And most especially to Casa Roberta and The Buttercups who made the evening special.

Colleen Babcock bio photo

Colleen Babcock, Marketing Manager at Northfields host #EalingHour on Twitter for @NorthfieldsLive

Next week I’ll be back in the hot-seat as host of #EalingHour tweeting as fast as my fingers can type.  If you want to get involved in #EalingHour but aren’t sure how it works, have a read of this explanation by clicking the link.  Or tweet us @Northfieldslive.  Alternatively, if you are a complete Twitter rookie drop me an email.  I’m happy to help and I can tell you from experience that the #EalingHour group is worth getting to know!