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#fEALINGthelove: Why our guest blogger moved to Ealing & her favourite Ealing haunts

26 Mar 2014
#fEALINGthelove: Why our guest blogger moved to Ealing & her favourite Ealing haunts

We’d like to welcome to the Northfields blog, our guest blogger Revealing Ealing who impressed us with her fun take on “bimbling” in Ealing.  What’s a bimble I hear you ask?  You’ll have to read on to find out…


*I know that’s not how you spell it, but it was too good not to use! (courtesy of @ChilternsLtd)

Hello, I’m Revealing Ealing and I’ve been kindly asked by Northfields to reveal my top 5 favourite bimbles to ensure a good stroll, slurp, nibble and giggle in Ealing.

To be honest, this is very hard as there are so many places that totally deserve to make the list, so the below is my personal crème de la crème. Also, if you’re wondering what a bimble is, check out my blog!

However, before I get into sharing that, I wanted to share why I picked Ealing in the first place – if I were you I’d grab a cuppa while I take you back 4 years.

Way back when I used to work in advertising, having worked my way through all the decent agencies in the Midlands, I was looking for my next move which meant coming to London. Very exciting I hear you say! It was, but London is MASSIVE and where the heck do you start?

Well, myself and my partner in crime got all practical. We looked at where we both were going to be working (one of us in the middle and the other down the M4) and stuck pin in the map. Ealing was pretty much the central spot with quite possibly the best transport links of anywhere in London. It has 3 tube lines (Central, Piccadilly and District), an Overground that goes into Paddington and easy access to the A40, North Circular and M4 if you need to get out the city.

So, we jumped in the car and headed down to the “big smoke”.

We arrived in Ealing with some rental viewings lined up, fell in love with a Victorian 2 bed flat, fell over at the rent (I had just come from Birmingham) and promptly fell into the nearest pub.

We were struck with how complete Ealing is. From the peaceful green spaces to a bustling town centre and from the plethora of independents to the selection of your well known favourites, Ealing has the perfect balance.

4 years later and we are proud owners of our first home right here in Ealing.

So, now I need to give you some of my favourite bimbles to whet your appetite and hopefully help you choose Ealing if you’re on the hunt for a new place to live or just a good day out. These really do scratch the surface, so my advice is to check it out for yourself.


In no particular order….

1.       Taking in the green stuff (both on the ground and in the air!)


One of my favourite walks is to start out in Walpole, swoop round and into Lammas, do a lap and pop back into Walpole exiting through the beautiful walled gardens. Not a huge walk, but a healthy dose of the green stuff and if you do your swooping just right you might be lucky enough to see the famous green parakeets that have been calling Ealing home for a long time.

2.       Neighbours…..everybody needs good neighbours


If you follow me on Twitter you’ll know that I love a cheeky vino with some tasty food, so my favourite combo takes physical form in the perfect pairing of The Red Lion & Santa Maria. You turn up at the Red Lion (usually greeted by the lovely landlord Jonathan), have a couple of aperitifs and pop next door to put your name down for a table at Santa Maria. You never have to wait too long and your patience is rewarded by London’s top ‘Pizza to eat before you die’ – enjoy, digest and then pop back into the pub. Perfection!

3.       Try turning right


If you ever come out of Ealing Broadway, take a right and find yourself on Haven Lane. This cute and characterful road has two pub gems; The Wheatsheaf and the Haven Arms. Both are welcoming with distinct personalities and I love how tucked away they are – every time we go I feel like we’ve discovered a secret, something that you get extra bimble points for.

4.       Village People

Photo used with kind permission of Carlene Bender at Contact Us Ealing

A lot of my bimbles focus on the more central parts of Ealing, but if you head north you hit Pitzhanger. This area is a little Village with a great high street a lots of independent shops and restaurants as well as very strong community vibe. It’s a very pretty area and definitely worth the walk up the hill to get there!

5.       Coffee o’clock


They say an army marches on its stomach, well Ealing marches on all the fantastic coffee shops it has. My favourites are Electric Coffee Co. up by Ealing Broadway, Munsons (just down the road from The Red Lion) and the latest addition, Paperback Coffee. It’s pretty much a straight line from Electric to Paperback so you could feasibly try all three out and then sprint back to Ealing Broadway to start all over again.

As I said, these 5 scratch the surface of what Ealing has to offer. I haven’t mentioned the shopping, where to go in the evening or anything about the cinema experiences you can have – you will have to check out my blog for more of that!

Happy bimbling

RevEaling xx

What (or who) is RevEaling?

RevEaling is an online love letter (Ok it’s a blog, but love letter sounds a lot more interesting) and it is dedicated to talking about eating, drinking, shopping and all the other things I enjoy about Ealing (W5 & W13).


I love to hear from people, so you can contact me here


Twitter                 @RevealingEaling

Email                    [email protected]

Thanks so much to Revealing Ealing for taking us on a virutal bimble through Ealing! If you are thinking of moving to Ealing, contact Northfields on 020 8740 6622, we’d love to help you start your search for a new home in our borough! Or Tweet us @Northfieldslive or contact us via our Facebook page.  

Whenever or wherever you need us, we’re there to help you make your big move!