We’re pleased to have West London based garden designer, Caro Sanders guest blogging for Northfields and sharing some stats that show just how important your outside space really is.

Over to Caro…

A recent survey carried out by the Royal Horticultural Society has found that – guess what? – gardens are good for you.  Well they would say that, wouldn’t they? And we all know, in a vague way, that being active in the garden is good for our health. More than that, it can help prevent deaths from heart disease and strokes.  Which is pretty good.   But that’s not all.

95% of people say an attractive garden adds value to a property

Garden are good for your bank balance, too.  A nice looking garden is more likely to tempt even resolute non-gardeners into liking a house, it just provides the perfect setting for your new home.  But on top of that, a whopping 95% of people surveyed said that an attractive garden adds value to a property.  People really will pay more for a house with a lovely garden attached to it.

Gardens apparently have crime-busting qualities too: 44% thought that gardens and green spaces could reduce the crime rate in an area, which is quite something.  Vigilante hedges, perhaps?

In Ealing and surrounding areas we’ve seen many front gardens paved over for parking cars, which I personally think is a real shame, so I was interested that 61% said that looking at a street of paved over gardens made them feel sad.  Birds and bugs of course would be even sadder, given that their bed and board have effectively been removed. But they weren’t included in the survey.

Fascinating fact – more women than men barbecued.  Now I’ve always thought that a barbecue was a jolly good reason to put your feet up with a bottle of wine while the men busied themselves with firelighters and coals and tongs and scarily undercooked meat.  But apparently not.  Womenfolk out there – I think you might be missing a trick.

However, asked what they spent time doing in the garden this summer, an impressive 82% said relaxing.  And even more, 92%, said that just being in a garden helped them to relax and de-stress. How fantastic is that (but don’t they have weeds like the rest of us?).

Over a third spend time watching wildlife (which has presumably migrated into the back gardens from the paved over front gardens, guess that’s a silver lining).  We are a nation in awe of David Attenborough so that makes sense.  No cute tiger cubs in our back gardens, but we make do with squirrels and robins’ nests, I suppose.

The best statistic of all was the news that of 16-24 year olds, 89% had a garden or grow plants.  It’s just so important that young people get to know and like the process of growing and tending plants, whether for eating, smelling or just pure aesthetic enjoyment.  Lots of schools nowadays encourage gardening clubs and children discover the excitement of seeing plants emerge where they just pushed a seed into the soil weeks earlier, which is fantastic news for the future. Some may even be tempted into gardening-related professions, who knows?

And at the very least, as and when they get their feet on the property ladder, they can grow great gardens to enhance their homes and get a good price when they come to sell on – Beautiful garden £x million, house comes free.

Who is Caro?

Caro sanders-7085s square
Our guest blogger, Caro Sanders of Caro Garden Design
Caro is a garden designer based in West London who loves helping home owners in London and the Home Counties transform their gardens from ugly ducklings into beautiful swans.  She can turn her critical eye on any patch of land and offer helpful advice to potential sellers as well as new buyers wanting to make the garden their own.  Trained in Garden Design at Capel Manor College, she creates gardens little and large, and believes that everyone is entitled to a great view, ideally from their own doorstep.

Web:                  www.carogardendesign.co.uk

Email.                 info@carogardendesign.co.uk

Tel:                     020 8566 3750

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LinkedIn:             http://www.linkedin.com/pub/caro-sanders/16/222/871

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Thank you Caro for passing on these stats about the impact a garden can make! Caro really knows her stuff, so make sure to get in touch with your gardening questions.  

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