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How do you make your business stay ahead of the pack? Our CEO tells you how to get a headstart

4 Oct 2013
How do you make your business stay ahead of the pack? Our CEO tells you how to get a headstart


Join our CEO Richard Palfreeman at a visitor’s day at the Walpole Chapter of BNI in Ealing at the Hilton Doubletree at 7am Wed Oct 9th.

Some people might think that getting up every Wednesday morning for a 7am breakfast meeting isn’t their idea of a good time, but our CEO, Richard Palfreeman knows that the early bird gets the worm – and the business.

It is well documented that those people who are considered high achievers are early risers. From athletes, to artists and entrepeneurs, those who have the discipline to make an early start know that getting up early gives you more hours in the day and already puts you ahead of your competitors.

Think about it – who would you rather trust to sell or let your property, the agent that has been actively looking for new business before their morning coffee is cold or the agent that is still in their bathrobe?

One secret of early rising success is to make a commitment to make an early start and keep at it.  Richard Palfreeman has been using Business Networking International’s (BNI) early morning meetings as part of his commitment to success for 14 years.

BNI meetings are focused on getting to know the other businesses in your chapter and passing business to them.  In essence, BNI is all about harnessing the power of word of mouth in a structured and focused way.  The end result is that by passing business, you get business in return.  And all before 8:30am.

Want to get business done before your competitors are out of bed?  Want to emulate the likes of Apple CEO Tim Cook or Disney CEO Robert Iger and get started early?

If you’ve got a business in West London, come to BNI Walpole Chapter’s visitor’s day on Wednesday, October 9th at 7am at the Doubletree by Hilton Hotel on Ealing Common.  Contact our CEO, Richard Palfreeman via e-mail to let him know that you are interested in tapping into this powerful business tool.