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How to Make the Most of Your Outdoor Space This Summer!

8 Jun 2018
How to Make the Most of Your Outdoor Space This Summer!

We all want to bask in the sun whenever possible, as we all know English Summers are fast and fleeting. We have some tips to make the most of whatever outdoor space you have, whether that be a small garden, a balcony or a large open window!

1. Get potting

You can grow so many things in pots, trees, flowers, shrubs. You can even have your own vegetable garden, no allotment needed!

2. Miniaturise

If you are looking for furniture for your garden or balcony go small! Think fold-up chairs and kiddy size tables. Even go miniature with your plants you can get some lovely miniature trees and flowers that will all help your space feel bigger.

3. Make Space

Only have the necessity outside. We are all guilty of sorting things we don’t need, so really try and de-clutter and keep a minimalist approach to your space,

4. Add Colour

Bright colours give fresh summer feel to your garden even when it’s grey, so keep the summer going all year round by picking bolds.