With ingredients for cakes continually selling out, we think it’s safe to assume that since the start of lockdown, people have been spending more time in their kitchens baking and cooking. Whether it’s something you’ve always wanted to find time for or something fun you’ve been doing to keep your kids occupied – it’s great that the humble kitchen is getting some good press.

Does the thought of baking bread still terrify you?

Maybe your heart dropped through the floor when you realised you wouldn’t be able to eat out for some time. If that’s you in particular, then we would love your help with something. We’re currently building a brand new website, and as part of that, we want to showcase everything the community has to offer.

Have you been using local places for food delivery which you would heartily recommend? Maybe somewhere local to you is delivering boxes of veg. We would love to hear your recommendations, so we can give local businesses some well-deserved recognition by showcasing them on the new site. You can let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

With all that talk of kitchens, we thought we would take a look at some of the lovely kitchens belonging to properties we currently have available for sale.

Twyford Crescent, W3

6 bedroom semi-detached for sale


If you like to chat and cook, this kitchen is light and bright with lots of worktop space. If you’re on your own and unable to invite people over for a dinner party, kitchen islands are also great fun for pretending to present your own cookery show. There’s no-one stopping you!

Kent Gardens, W3


5 bedroom, semi-detached for sale


In the words of a famous Hollywood star (Kermit), ‘it’s not easy being green’. It is for this kitchen though. If cooking is your way to de-stress, this would be a lovely room to saute away your troubles in.

Western Road, W5

3 bedroom end of terrace for sale


Again with the light and bright, the kitchen in this home has plenty of worktop space for the kids to bake along with you. And when they inevitably get bored and conveniently leave you with all of the washing up, you can keep an eye on them in the garden through the glass doors at the other end of the open-plan layout.

Regency Heights, NW10

2 bedroom apartment for sale


If cooking is less your thing and open-plan living is, then this apartment will likely tick your boxes. There’s plenty of space to sit enjoy eating the food someone else has lovingly prepared for you.

Junction Road, W5

2 bedroom apartment for sale


This kitchen has a slightly retro feel and plenty of storage. A really lovely space to turn your music up and cook breakfast on a Sunday morning.

We're here to help...

If you're interested in any of these properties or being in lockdown has made you realise that the kitchen really is the heart of your home and you could do with finding a property more suited to your needs, please do get in touch - finding dream homes is what we do best!

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