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Northfields supports The Royal British Legion Mentoring Scheme

4 Dec 2015
Northfields supports The Royal British Legion Mentoring Scheme

The Northfields staff have signed up to an online Mentoring Scheme, which aims to help Armed Forces personnel plan and launch a new career in the property industry after they leave active service.

The scheme is being piloted by The Royal British Legion across the UK and has the full backing of Agents Giving, the Estate Agency industry Charity. The pilot is targeting the construction and property sectors, but if it’s successful after a nine-month period it will be expanded to include other industries. Agents Giving are looking for volunteers from across the sector at all levels of the business to act as mentors.

If you’re still in military service, the opportunities to establish a network are limited or non existent, but the Mentoring Scheme enables Service leavers to gain experience in how to develop and use contacts through participation in mentoring activities.

Mentees connect with a mentor with a view to building a partnership that will help them develop their career choices, understand their options, avoid mistakes and build self-confidence as they prepare to communicate with potential employers. Service personnel and veterans can connect with a friendly face in the industry, build relationships and share advice and feedback over an agreed period via email, phone, social media and face-to-face.

The scheme features a web-based portal, which provides Service leavers the opportunity to match themselves with a mentor that they feel best fits their growth and learning requirements.

Currently over 30,000 Service men and women leave the Armed Forces each year, with around 20% expressing an interest in the property industry. With so many Service personnel engaged in technical work, often under considerable pressure, the potential to use that expertise to plug the skills gap in the UK construction industry is huge.

“The Estate Agency sector is always seeking personnel with a solid work ethic and integrity and Service Personnel most often demonstrate both of these qualities and often possess specific skills across a wide range of areas that are ideally suited for various roles in both property and construction.” said Richard Palfreeman of Northfields.

Richard went on: “It was an easy decision to sign up for this scheme as we have long held interest in personal development and won the Sunday Times National Award for Training and Development”

If you would like to know more about this scheme, please email [email protected]