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Nutrition on the run: How to eat healthily in Ealing

24 Jan 2014

Please join us in welcoming our special guest blogger, Richard Marques, Personal Trainer at Bodyline Fitness

By guest blogger:  Richard Marques

Stage 1


Preparation is a key contributor to the success or failure of people's ability to achieve a nutritionally balanced daily plan.

In the current "Rat race" society we are living in; eating on the run is becoming a more regular occurrence and as a result people get trapped in poor choices presented in the form of vending machines; food trolleys; convenience foods; etc…

By being prepared and organising your food in advance we can ensure that not only will we maintain the required energy levels needed to get through the day but also achieve a nutritionally balanced eating regime.

The best place to start is by investigating outlets in your area that can provide seasonal and locally sourced produce filled with nutrient-rich ingredients and at the best value for money. Fortunately more of these type places are becoming available enabling us access to good and natural produce; ingredients and snack choices.

Here are 3 of the best places in Ealing to find healthy produce and food:

The one with a juice bar

Farm W5                                 Ealing Broadway

Located across from Pitshanger Manor, Farm W5 provides products that re certified organic or are considered “slow food”.  You can enjoy a coffee at the coffee or relax and choose a juice from the juice bar.  There is also a delicatessen, freshly baked bread and non air-freighted, Bio-dynamic, British produce when available. There are even salads and sandwiches for when you are on the go.

Where to find it: FFarm W5 On-The-Green, 19 The Green, Ealing W5 5DA LONDON U.K. Tel: 020 8566 1965  -  Email: [email protected]

The one where you can do a weekly shop

As Nature Intended    @AsNatIntended                 Ealing Broadway

As Nature Intended has a wider selection than most health food stores, selling everything from fruit and vegetables, meat, fish, dairy products, tofu, groceries, ‘free-from’ foods, baby food, beer and wine. Around 80% of the product line is certified organic. Products that are not organic are free from artificial chemicals, pesticides or preservatives. There are also some pre-prepared soups, salads and sandwiches on offer which you can grab and go. Just be careful! Just because something is organic doesn’t mean it doesn’t contain a lot of calories so be sure to read the labels!

Where to find it: F 17 – 21 High Street, Ealing, London, W5 5DB, Telephone: 020 8840 1404

The one for local produce

Ealing Farmer’s Market  #ealingfarmersmarket         West Ealing

The farmer’s market in Ealing is not the best known in London, but the quality of the local and artisanal food is high and the prices are lower than in better known markets.  Every Saturday in Leeland Road, tucked just off the Uxbridge Road, food producers pile their stalls high with speciality meats, seafood, cheeses, freshly baked breads, pristine looking seasonal vegetables, fruit and flowers.  The atmosphere is friendly and down to earth.  You can feel good about buying the best produce while supporting local traders.

Where to find it: Ealing Farmer’s Market Every Saturday 9am-1pm, Leeland Road, Ealing, London W13 9HH

Stage 2

The second stage is to buy in bulk, those items that will hold and can be frozen, to ensure your have the necessary ingredients to make meals & snacks for the coming week(s). Avoid special offer unhealthy snacks and ready meals as these offer little to none of the necessary nutrients that our bodies require and generally result in us needing to eat more because these food types spike our sugar levels and send both our mood and energy levels spinning up and down like a yo yo.

Make sure you also stock up on storage tubs / tupperware, again readily available and cheap, to use for your prepared meals and snacks during the day

Stage 3 

Finally plan and prepare your meals in advance to ensure travel; lie ins; office meetings; etc…do not get in the way of you eating healthily. Make larger quantities and place in the storage tubs within fridge / freezer to use when required and at no extra expense or time to yourself. Healthy meals and snacks don't have to be difficult to prepare and can be quite easy. Some examples of healthy meal and snack choices are –

Snacks: Fresh fruit; Cucumber, carrots and peppers on their own or as dippers in houmous, peanut butter and cottage cheese; Mixed nuts and Full fat yoghurt.

These are all good snack choices however portion control is still very important to avoid excess consumption.

Meals: serves 2

Spicy chicken and rice (2tsp coconut oil, 2x chicken breasts, 175g rice{white or brown}, 1/2 chopped onion, 1 clove garlic, 1 chilli{more or less depending on pallet}, 1-2tsp curry powder{more or less depending on pallet}, 1tbsp tomato puree and 50ml water).

Salmon & couscous with broccoli (2x Fresh salmon steaks, 175g couscous, 175g Brocoli, 1tbsp lemon juice, fresh chopped parsley)

Mexican bean salad (1x red pepper, 1x small iceberg lettuce, small can sweetcorn, 1 can mixed beans, 1tbsp Olive oil + 1tbsp balsamic vinegar {can substitute with 1tbsp lemon juice or splash of tabasco /hot sauce for dressing})

We all have different likes and dislikes when it comes to food but through preparation and advanced planning we will be able to keep our appetites sustained and healthy..

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