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Planning a walk or a run in Ealing? Here are some great routes for runners and walkers in West London

31 Dec 2014
Planning a walk or a run in Ealing? Here are some great routes for runners and walkers in West London

Whether you are planning a walk with the family for New Year’s Day or maybe to get a head-start on your fitness plans for 2015, there are a lot of great resources for finding great new routes that explore our corner of West London.

Here are a few:

1.  Great for families – Ealing Council’s website

Ealing Council breaks their walking routes up by type and geographical location – all with PDF maps and directions.  Click the links to choose from:

–     Historic walk guides of Ealing, Northolt, Greenford and Southall

–     Health Walk guides for Ealing and Acton

–     Health Walk routes in Greenford, Northolt and Perivale

–     Health Walk guides for Southall

 2.  Great for walking or running on your own – Walk Jog Run Routes

This site has 84 pages of running and walking routes for Ealing listed. They all have distances noted so that you know exactly how far your run or walk might be.  There are even some bike rides listed.

–     Click the link to access the 84 pages of walking and running routes in Ealing

3.  Great for meeting new people – Walking for Health Ealing Walks

If you need some impetus to keep you walking or want to walk with new people and make some new friends joining up with Ealing Walks, an accredited Walking for Health Scheme might be the answer. The walks are led by leaders with training and are free.  Walks take place in local parks or green spaces.  You’ll find walks on a monthly or weekly basis and the walks could be 30 minutes to an hour.  You don’t have to have fancy equipment, just sensible shoes and suitable clothing for the weather.  You turn up at the meeting point a few minutes prior to start.  You will be expected to fill out an Outdoor Health Questionnaire before your first walk and then off you go!

–     Click the link to visit the Ealing Walks, Walking for Health website to register your interest and get contact info

4.  Great for those who like an app – MapMyWalk or MapMyRun

If you want to record your walks and runs, get GPS maps, see distances, record calories burned and even record your own routes, an app is a great solution.  Personally, I’m a fan of MapMyRun but there are many great GPS running and walking apps available.  I’ve chosen to highlight MapMyWalk/MapMyRun as it is available on iPhone, Blackberry and Android and it’s free (although there are some premium features that you can choose to add).  If you don’t know the area well, then an app can help you explore.  The premium versions also have training help so that the app acts as a motivator.

Visit the website or the App Store to download MapMyRun or MapMyWalk

Running, walking and cycling are all free activities that are as great for your heart as they are for your wallet.  Where are your favourite routes in Ealing?  I had trouble finding suggestions for walks that were wheelchair accessible or pushchair friendly – anyone have a suggestion?

Let us know in the comments below or tell us on Twitter @northfieldslive or via our Facebook page.