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Prepare your house for Halloween

28 Oct 2017
Prepare your house for Halloween
So the spookiest day of the year is coming up, Halloween; ripe with hauntings, spooks and an inordinate amount of sweets.
Jumping into the spirit of Halloween, as we know, doesn’t stop with frightening friends and family with your fake fangs. It’s time to start decorating your house, keeping the ghoulish festivities alive for all the trick-or-treaters that come knocking!
First things first, stock up on the candy!
Falling short of candy when five hopeful faces appear at your door is a sure way to disappoint, and if you don’t give it all away, you can of course eat it all the very next day.
Moving on to decoration
This can start from your front gate. Try a spooky cemetery sign to set the mood for your haunted abode. Next is the door which is particularly important. Being the target for all who come to visit, your front door can easily become the centerpiece of it all. Maybe try some spooky faces in the glass, or the ever popular, GIANT SPIDER!
An important consideration is lighting
With lots of foot-traffic coming your way ensure that your door and walkways are well light, avoiding any tumbles in the dark. You may also wish to remove any delicate ornaments located outside – it only takes one little mummy to trip over their bandages and knock over that garden statue you love so dearly. As well as this, try avoiding candles, using safer electrical alternatives instead, however if you feel that a few candles will perfectly finish your front porch, ensure they are out of the way of visitors and extinguishers are in easy reach.
I mentioned your fake fangs earlier on, but by no means do you need to outdo the Lord of Transylvania, or be a vampire at all! Although a simple 5 minute costume helps to keep the atmosphere for your visitors.
Remember on the big night, have fun, be safe and scare as many as possible!