Compassion London is a charitable organisation working out of the iconic Wembley Stadium during the COVID19 crisis, founded by Leon Aarts

During his 30 year career, Leon has been both a chef and restauranteur. He is the founder of Calais Kitchens and Fill the Cup.  Setting up Calais Kitchens, which fed thousands of refugees gave him the idea and experience needed to start Compassion London.  Compassion is London is run by an amazing group of volunteers. Professional chefs, foodies, accountants, mums, dads, and young people who care about those who need our help most.  Compassion London cooks for everyone who needs a meal in this crisis and runs on the principle of No-one goes to bed hungry.

Over 20,000 delicious and nutritional meals are being prepared and delivered to NHS workers, hospitals, care homes, schools, front line workers, the vulnerable, people/children in need.  Based in the world-famous Wembley Stadium kitchens with a team of volunteers helping and working hard every day and being overseen by the King of Wembley Mr. Harry Lomas MBE.

The Mission: Help Us Feed London

Compassion London is desperate for more volunteers who can spend as many hours or days that they can:  They need… drivers, chefs, food handlers, washer-uppers, packers and administrators. Any help is gratefully welcomed and every minute that you can provide will be appreciated by so many.  They also desperately need disposable gloves, plastic aprons, hair nets, face masks.

Our own Suzanne Jupp has been volunteering throughout the crisis and is happy to chat with anyone about the role and what is required.  Feel free to contact Suzanne with any questions you have HERE.

Suzanne Jupp of Northfields is volunteering at Compassion London