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Sustainability: it’s easy being green!

13 May 2020
Sustainability: it’s easy being green!

And now, for some positive news.

It will come as absolutely no surprise, that estate agencies need to use a lot of paper. We’re no exception, but we do try and not print surplus if we can help it.

To help us reduce our printing further, we’ve recently upgraded our photocopier software which gives us an estimate each month as to how many trees worth of printing we have done! Not only does this help us be even more mindful of what we are printing, it also gives us the opportunity to have new trees planted in order to offset the number that we have used.

We do this by having trees planted by The National Forest, and we’ve recently had confirmation that the trees we bought earlier in the year have now been planted.

The trees have been planted at the Eastern Old Parks site in Leicestershire. The huge 23-hectare site used to be part of a deer park dating back to medieval England and is now being planted as woodland to form the missing link in the chain of 200 hectares of connecting woodland habitat.
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The other brilliant thing about this is that the site is open for public access, so when you plant trees, you are able to visit for a walk or a cycle. If you would like to know more about how we’re planting trees, you can visit The National Forest website here.

Did you know?

In one day, a large tree can take 100 gallons of water from the ground and discharge it into the air which is why in some areas they make great natural flood-defences.

One tree can absorb as much carbon in a year, as a car produces while driving 26,000 miles.

A single tree produces roughly 260 pounds of oxygen a year. Two mature trees could supply enough oxygen annually to sustain a family of four!