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The impact of #EalingHour: How one hour on Twitter reached 157,316 in just a few days

1 Apr 2014

Last week Northfields was proud to host the very first #EalingHour on Twitter.  We were joined by local residents, businesses, churches, charities, journalists and politicians for an hour on Twitter dedicated to all things Ealing.  By all using the hashtag #EalingHour we were able to tweet about issues relating to our area. 

And there may have been some jokes about cheese and pineapple – after all, what good is a party without cheese and pineapple? Even if it is just virtual cheese and pineapple.


Talk to the people you want to connect with during #EalingHour?

Twitter is a fantastic way to start up a conversation or get a message out about a particular issue.  However, you never know when the people you want to talk to and influence are going to be active, but with #EalingHour you can be sure that a large number of people who are also interested in Ealing will be actively engaging on Twitter using that hashtag during that one hour a week.

That means that anyone with a Twitter account can get their voice heard whether they want to air their concerns over local issues, get the latest Ealing news, promote their business or publicise a charity event.

Traditional advertising can be very expensive and it is sometimes difficult to find people with the same interests, but social media allows people to connect with compatible people or business or charities that fulfil their needs.  #EalingHour takes that one step further by bringing those interests, literally, closer to home, allowing you to see just the people and organisations local to you.

In fact, from Thursday March 20th when Northfields was asked to act as the host for the hour by Amy Calver of Clarence and Alabama Vintage Inspired Dresses (@clarence_alabam) and Carlene Bender of Contact Us Ealing Magazine (@ContactusEaling) until Wednesday at 4pm, the day after the first official Ealing Hour, the #EalingHour hashtag appeared in Twitter timelines 1,416,760 times, reaching 157,316 unique individuals.  There are very few advertising platforms that can achieve that kind of reach.  And with Ealing Hour costing nothing it can be invaluable to people looking to get their message heard.

During those few days from the inception of the event until the day following, 958 tweets were sent using the #EalingHour hashtag, made up of 268 original tweets, 352 @ mentions and 368 retweets.  

The benefit of that much activity was felt by Amy Calver, of Clarence and Alabama who saw a dramatic lift in her web traffic as a result of Ealing Hour with numbers of people visiting her site doubling in a day.

Did you miss out on the first #EalingHour? It’s not too late to join in!

Jump onto Twitter every Tuesday between 8-9pm and tweet something Ealing related.  Be sure to use the hashtag #EalingHour. 

If you want to become involved with Ealing Hour, you can access a list of participants via the Northfields Estates profile on Twitter using the handle @Northfieldslive and clicking on “Lists”. You’ll find a list called “Ealing Hour” that collects tweets from all the #EalingHour participants who asked to be included. If you are not currently on this list and would like to be included please tweet @Northfieldslive.

How to get the most out of the event

Last week there was so much enthusiastic participation that some people found it difficult to keep up.  However, there are several ways you can make the most of #EalingHour.

As your #EalingHour host here are some tips on how to make the most of #EalingHour:

  1. Before #EalingHour begins, think of what message you’d like to get across.  Do you want to ask a specific question or promote a specific event or blog post?  If so, consider using a free online tool like the new Klout or Buffer to schedule posts ahead of time.  You can even include links and photos to make your post that much more appealing.  By scheduling your messages before the event begins, you can just deal with responses or concentrate on retweeting or responding to others.
  2. Use a Twitter chat tool that follows that just the conversation revolving around the #EalingHour hashtag and adds the hashtag automatically.  During out first #EalingHour I used  This services allows you to enter the hashtag you want to follow and from within the website you can see all the conversation revolving around that hashtag.  You can retweet, reply, favourite and tweet from within the platform and it automatically adds the #EalingHour hashtag for you.
  3. Use #EalingHour to support others.  It is easy in social media to just focus on what you want to say, but at Northfields we always find that we see the most benefit when we concentrate on other people first.  Giving people attention by following them, responding to their messages or retweeting them, helps the whole group.  At Northfields we see social media as a way to build relationships with local people.  People want to do business with and interact with people who are interested in them and willing to help, so focus on what you can do to support your fellow #EalingHour tweeters. Plus, it’s more fun that way.

If you have any questions about #EalingHour, please tweets us @Northfieldslive. We’re here to help.