The Log Cabin and Northfields - Supporting Ealing's Children


The Log Cabin is an Ealing charity that provides opportunities for children with additional needs or
disabilities to socialise and play, while giving their parents and carers respite.   The Log Cabin is Northfields’ nominated charity and we give a percentage of our fees to continue to support the Log Cabin in the excellent work they do for our community.

Tucked just beside Northfields Underground station, you might not realise that this facility housed in Ealing’s Children’s Centre, helps 250 local children aged 4-14 every day.  Vivien Dymock who heads up the fundraising for the Log Cabin told us that with the help of volunteers and qualified staff members, children can play using the variety of exciting activities on offer, which are funded by lottery funds and donations.

When we recently visited the Log Cabin to learn more about what they do for the children of Ealing we were surprised by the wide spectrum of children they support who have a range of challenges from behavioural issues to learning difficulties to physical disabilities.

Here some interesting facts you might not realise about the children the Log Cabin supports:
– 50% of the children who attend the Log Cabin are autistic
– 15-20% of the children have physical disabilities
– 50% of the children who attend need one to one care
– 8-9 of the children need two to one care
– “mainstream” children do attend the Log Cabin along with children with disabilities or additional needs as a way of encouraging children to understand others with different abilities

The children who attend the Log Cabin daily can choose what activities they would like to participate in and can choose from:

– The Sensory Room – a room with a light up carpet, coloured ceiling, music that can be calming or stimulating, a bubble tube and is controlled with a computer to show exciting and changing images on the walls.
– The Soft Play Room – a double height room where 5-6 children at time can enjoy a safe and tactile way of playing.  This area is ideal for autistic or physically disabled children.
– The Art Room – a large room with windows overlooking the playground where children can make art and be creative.
– The Wii Room – a room where children can play on the Wii or use computers.
– The Adventure Playground – the outdoor play area includes playground equipment and after this summer will also include a sensory garden for the children to enjoy.

Log Cabin playground

The Playground at the Log Cabin

How You Can Help

Donate – use the Pay Pal donate button on the sidebar of our blog to donate money to the Log Cabin directly using your credit or debit card or your Pay Pal account.

Volunteer – The Log Cabin is looking for volunteers to do a range of things from playing with the children, to cleaning, to administration or cooking.  Our Managing Director, Richard Palfreeman volunteers his time as a trustee for the Log Cabin.  If you are interested in volunteering, call the Log Cabin on 020 8840 3400.

Use Northfields as your agent – when you choose to sell or let property through Northfields, we donate a percentage of our fees to the Log Cabin.  Do you want an agent who cares about the community and your property?  Call us on 020 8740 6622 or e-mail us at and we can give you an accurate, no-obligation valuation of your home.

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