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Urban Gardening Tips

30 Apr 2018
Urban Gardening Tips

National Gardening Week

This week is ‘National Gardening Week’! The Royal Horticultural Society is “Greening Grey Britain” by “working with communities to transform neglected spaces into beautiful places, conducting scientific research about plants that can make the most difference to our environment or provide inspirational gardening at our shows and gardens, the RHS is committed to helping everyone get Greening Grey Britain, one plant at a time.”

So in honour of National Gardening Week, we thought we could give you some tips on creating and maintaining an urban garden, even if you don’t have a traditional garden, you can still have some greenery!

Keeping an Urban Garden

A great way to start gardening indoors is to utilise plants like cacti and succulents which don’t need much attention to thrive in your home! Another way to start is by growing herbs; they will need regular watering but having fresh herbs in your kitchen not only look good, they improve your cooking also.

If you have a patio or balcony you may think you can’t grow much but some many plants thrive in pots! Chillies are great little plants to have, you could also grow squash, berries, the sky’s the limit and if your not looking to grow edible plants you can get some beautiful climbing plants that will grow on any wall that receives some sun!

If you already have a green thumb, or you have filled up your space at home you could look into an allotment or community garden!