Applications for the UK government’s £2 billion Green Homes Grant scheme are now open. It’s set up to provide financial support to homeowners for making changes which help improve the energy efficiency of their home, in line with the government’s ambitious plans to become net zero carbon by 2050.

Who can apply for the Green Homes grant?

The grant is open for applications from homeowners, which includes homeowners and landlords. Lower income households can apply for the full £10,000 grant, while landlords are eligible for a maximum of £5000, and these amounts can pay for up to two thirds of the bill for improvement works.

There are however conditions, any measures carried out and partially paid for by the grant must be improvements, and cannot just be replacing what was there previously like-for-like.

The application process

Get advice

Get advice from the Simple Energy Advice Service on what home improvements you may be able to get funding help with from the grant.


Find out more

When you’re making your voucher application you’ll be asked about your chosen measures and tradespeople, so you need to contact relevant trades first for each bit of work you’re looking to have carried out. The Energy Savings Trust recommends getting three quotes from three different installers

What work is covered by the Green Homes grant scheme?

There are a number of measures covered by the scheme, and these are split into two categories: primary and secondary.

You must have at least one primary measure carried out in your home, in order for your grant to apply towards one or more of the secondary measures.

Primary measures include:

  • Insulation: including solid-wall, cavity wall, roof, or under-floor installation
  • Air or ground source heat pump
  • Biomass boilers
  • Solar thermal

The further energy savings measures that can be carried out under the scheme include:

  • Double or triple glazing/ secondary glazing (when replacing single glazed windows)
  • Installation of energy efficient doors (as an upgrade)
  • Hot water tank/ appliance tank thermostats/ heating controls

You can learn more about all of these measures on the Energy Trust’s website.

There are also supplementary costs which the grant can be put towards including professional services, contractor costs, and other associated work.

When do applications for the Green Homes grant close?

The scheme was due to end on 31st March 2021, but the government recently announced an extension until the end of March 2022, due to the availability of tradespeople being a problem. As those carrying out work for the scheme are likely to be incredibly busy, it’s a good idea to get started as soon as possible to ensure that they can fit you in.

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