So, the big question: Can I hang pictures in my rental property? If you’re currently renting, the chances are your walls are ‘neutral’, and it can feel difficult to add your personality without drilling holes or knocking in nails to hang up photos and artwork to make it feel like your space.

Just because you’re renting, you shouldn’t feel like it’s not your home, so we’ve put together some suggestions for making the space yours whilst also keeping your landlord happy. There are ways to make your rental property feel like home without putting holes in the walls which will jeopardise your deposit.

Command strips

Command Strips are magical, and most of the team use them in their homes whether renting or otherwise. There’s now a huge range of products from sticky poster strips, to heavy duty hooks – and provided you carefully follow instructions for their removal, you’ll be able to take them down when you need to without leaving a single tell-tale mark. They’re available from most hardware stores, a whole host of shops, and online. Look out for their distinctive yellow oval logo.

Removable wall decals

These are fantastic for adding personality and character favourites to children’s bedrooms, but why let the kids have all the fun? Maybe you have a favourite quote which would look fab in the hallway, or would like to use a massive decal to create a feature wall somewhere. Again, as long as you follow removal instructions they can be easily removed without causing any paint damage.

Add a free-standing screen

If you’ve got quite a big area, maybe an open plan space that you want to add some interest to, what about a free-standing screen? You can decorate it however you like, by painting with a solid colour or covering it in a patterned wallpaper to add some real interior design interest. Try searching for them second hand online, or in second hand furniture shops if you fancy rolling up your sleeves and getting stuck into a project.


What if it’s unavoidable?

If you really need to mark the walls in some way, for example putting a flat screen telly on the wall, you need to get permission to do this from your landlord first. You’ll also need to fix the walls to a standard agreeable to your landlord before the end of your tenancy.


If you’re hammering nails or drilling into walls, you need to account for the fact there may be pipes or wires in the spot you’re wanting to hang something. This could be really dangerous for you, as well as causing significant risk to the property – if you’re not confident with DIY then get a professional tradesperson to come and do it for you!

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