Cost-effective ways to keep your rental home warm this winter

Now the weather has turned decidedly autumnal, with the temperature dropping, leaves changing colour, and the smell of bonfires and great British drizzle hanging in the air – we thought we’d put together this post of ways you can shut it all out, and keep your rental home warm, and keep yourself as snug as a bug in a rug indoors.

Hang heavy fabrics at your windows

Window dressings are a great way of keeping the heat in. When they’re closed, blinds and curtains made of a thick, insulating material are excellent at keeping rooms nice and toasty. If you want to put up your own curtains and it’s a straight swap for any which were there previously – go for it, just remember to swap them back at the end of your tenancy. If adding curtains or blinds requires any kind of alteration such as hole drilling for a new pole, you’ll need permission from your landlord.

Keep the heating on low

This one might sound a bit counter-productive, but the most energy efficient way of keeping a home warm is to have the heating constantly on a low temperature, rather than turning it off and then turning it up high in short sporadic bursts. The other reason this is a great idea, is having the heating on a constant temperature will help prevent bursting pipes when the temperature drops below freezing!

Cover bare flooring

If your home has wooden floors, or even quite thin carpets, then you can instantly add both visual warmth and actual warmth by covering them with a rug. Much like putting up curtains, it’s a really great renter-friendly way of putting your stamp on the interior of your home.

Have a furniture shuffle

This one always sounds a little far fetched, but we promise it works. If your room is arranged with furniture blocking a radiator, if you can shuffle things round so the radiator is instead exposed to the rest of the room, the room will heat up more evenly keeping you much warmer.

Don't forget the chimney

If you have a chimney in your rented property which is just lovely to look at but not in use, consider purchasing a chimney balloon. These are quite low cost, and you put them up the chimney and inflate them out of view – this blocks any cold air coming in, and warm air escaping – making your heating go further.

Information for tenants

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