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Dolores Marskell’s top 3 tips for tenants this summer

9 Jul 2015
Dolores Marskell’s top 3 tips for tenants this summer

As we approach the summer we all have lots of things on our minds such as topping up our tans, fun in the sun and BBQ’s. Our Head of Property Management Dolores has given her top 3 tips for tenants this summer to keep their properties looking great!

1) Keep properties well ventilated, to avoid condensation and damp. Pay particular attention to bathrooms, bedrooms & kitchens.

2) Those of you lucky enough to have a garden in the summer, maintaining it is a very important part. Cut the grass, trim the bushes & water any plants, as they will be thirsty!

3) Now that we are coming into holiday season make sure you secure your property properly before going on holiday. Make sure all doors and windows are locked and contact us if your property is managed, or your landlord, if you are going away for 2 weeks or more.

If you have any property management queries or to talk to a member of the team about having Northfields manage your property call us today on 020 8799 4366 or email Dolores to find out some more of her top tips on [email protected]