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Landlords Safety Obligation Changes

8 Oct 2015
Landlords Safety Obligation Changes

Of particular interest to landlords and tenants the ‘Smoke Alarm and Carbon Monoxide (England) Regulations 2015’ came into effect on 1st October.  In essence the regulations mean that for any new tenancy starting after 1st October 2015 a landlord must ensure that there is a working smoke alarm on each residential floor of the property and a working carbon monoxide detector where there is anything using solid fuel or eg a wood burner. The regulations also require that all existing tenanted properties have a smoke alarm on each residential floor and a carbon monoxide detector where there is anything using sold fuel or eg a wood burner.

Most tenanted properties do already have smoke alarms fitted, some also have carbon monoxide detectors; they can be hard wired or battery powered (except for new build properties, which legally must be hard wired). It makes me wonder why this legislation has not been brought in before: It’s a matter of safety, after all, and who wouldn’t want to ensure that their tenants are safe?  Plus there is a fine of £5,000 for non-compliance and worse; the consequences of a fatal injury if something is faulty and the detector is not present or not working.

Our property management team have been working hard to ensure that our managed properties all have the correct alarms in place before the legislation started as, although the legislation was only finally approved on 14th September, there’s no grace period for compliance!  It would also be advisable to note that just checking the battery is working may not be enough to ensure you are covered. Our recommendation is to purchase smoke & CO2 detector sprays to be on the safe side.

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