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Throwback Thursday: How do I find a pet-friendly rental property?

6 Feb 2014
Throwback Thursday: How do I find a pet-friendly rental property?

First of all, I don’t think there are many landlords who would be upset if you had a Chinese fighter fish in a rented property, but a large Staffordshire Bull Terrier might be a different matter entirely. Even a fluffy moggy may be a bit of a problem for some. As a tenant you must understand that pets can pose a real problem for some landlords.

Why do landlords not always allow pets?

Consider this:
• Pets can be destructive and messy either because they are poorly trained or neglected. Between scratching woodwork, chewing carpets or making messes everywhere but outside, a neglected pet can easily damage a property.
• Pets can leave bad odours behind even after the tenants have vacated the premises. No one wants to rent a property that smells of cat urine.
• Subsequent tenants may have allergies which means that animal hair trapped in furnishings (in furnished properties) and carpeting could cause an allergic reaction.
• Pets, particularly dogs and even some birds can be very loud and might disrupt neighbours.
• If you don’t treat your pet for fleas regularly, they may infest the property.
• Furnishing may be destroyed by pets. Cats, dogs and rabbits are particularly problematic in regards to furniture.

If you are a tenant how can you reassure a potential landlord that your pet will not cause their property damage

How to make your application for a rental property more attractive if you have pets

1. Agree to a longer tenancy agreement, perhaps an 18 month contract. According to research conducted by the Dogs Trust, 78% of pet owners have experienced difficulty finding a rental property, so if you are lucky enough to find a landlord who accepts pets, you will likely not want to go through the hassle of finding another property any time soon. Landlords will therefore not have to go through the process so soon (or pay the associated fees), knowing they have a long term tenant in place.

2. If you are a dog owner you may want to point out that dogs are a good form of security for the property.

3. If you pet is very well behaved, why not ask the landlord if they would like to meet your pet to see just how well behaved and looked after they are. Your pet may end up charming the landlord.

4. If you have successfully rented a property with this pet before, make sure to point that fact out to the landlord or letting agent and give them a reference, so they can reassure themselves that your mutt or moggy is a desirable tenant.

5. Offer to show the landlord copies of your pet’s treatment records from the vet so the landlord is assured that the animal is properly taken care of. This will put issues like flea infestation to rest.

6. If your dog has passed any obedience training and has a certificate to prove it, show this to your landlord to show them that your dog is well behaved.

7. Make sure you choose a suitable property for your pet. For example, if you have a large dog, you will need a larger property to accommodate them.

8. Volunteer to have a special clause for pets in your Tenancy Agreement. The clause should lay out your responsibilities eg. That the tenant must keep kitty litter trays clean. Etc Suggesting something like this yourself will go some way to assuring the landlord that you are both aware that pet ownership has certain responsibilities and that you are willing and able to take them on.

Pet Owning Tenants Need to Be Aware –
There are a few things of which you need to be aware if you are renting a property with a pet in tow:

1. Many landlords may require a higher security deposit in order to cover any possible damage that your pet may cause, so be sure to save up that little bit extra.

2. Make sure that your landlord or the letting agent does a Property Inventory before you move in and after you move out so it is clear what condition the property was in before you and your pet took residency. That way, you will not be paying for damages that were not cause by you and your pet.

Are you looking for a property which will allow pets? The best thing to do is register with us, letting us know that you require a pet friendly property and we will let you know as soon as a suitable property becomes available.

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