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Tips for tenants: Can I hang pictures in my rental property? 3 tips for decorating without damage

22 May 2014

If you are living in a rental property chances are you’ve got “neutral” walls without a great deal of personality.  There are ways to make your rental property feel like home without putting holes in the walls that will put your deposit at risk.


It would be a shame to damage the beautiful dove grey walls in this house for let in St Kilda Road when there are other options

Here are 3 ways to deck your walls while keeping your landlord happy:

1.  Use Command Products by 3M to hang artwork


You can proudly display family photos by hanging canvases or frames with Command products by 3M.

Available from, Rymans or other major retailers, Command products by 3M are designed to allow you to hang frames or canvases without the need for nails that will leave holes in the walls of your rental property. 

2. Try removable wall decals

Removable wall decals are a great way to give your walls personality with the added benefit that they can easily be peeled off and moved.  Decals are also a great option when you have limited space such as in hallways, bathrooms or children’s bedrooms as they are flat to the wall.  A Google search will bring up sources for wall decals.

3.  Use a free-standing screen

Room divider diy

A free-standing screen or room divider can be painted or covered in wallpaper to add interest to your room.  It can also serve the dual purpose of dividing up a multi-use space such as a studio flat or open plan kitchen/reception room.  Try searching for room dividers at second hand furniture shops or make your own by hinging two bi-fold closet doors together. (Click the link for a tutorial found on the blog One King's Lane).

If you must…

If you feel you really must put holes in the walls of your rented home (to hang a flat screen TV for example) then make sure to ask your landlord for permission and be prepared to fix the damage before you move out.

Warning: Hammering nails into walls can do more than leave holes! 

Remember that hammering a nail into a wall could also risk hammering a hole into a pipe or wiring for example which could cause massive damage to the property, not to mention put you in danger, so if you're not confident with DIY either to make the hole or to repair it, call our Property Management team on 020 8799 4362 for a referral to a qualified tradesperson.

For more ideas for decorating for renters, check out this guest blog post from Clare Weeks, Ealing-based interior designer.  Clare has some great ideas that will keep your deposit safe and your home stylish!

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