With lots going on and changing all the time at the moment, the Ealing property market is no exception and this month property portal Rightmove’s search data is highlighting some really encouraging sales figures.

What's happening with the sales market in Britain?

  • The average asking price is £7640 higher than in March pre-lockdown, and the 3.7% annual increase is the highest since December 2016.
  • Year-on-year buyer enquiries up 75% in Britain since the start of July
  • 44% of new listings that came up for sale in the first month after the market opened in England on May 13th have already been marked as sale agreed, a 10% increase compared to equivalent dates last year
  • The total available stock has now recovered to being just 13% down in Great Britain, with the stamp duty holiday likely to encourage more to market to give themselves plenty of time to move before the March deadline

West London property market statistics

This graph shows the number of people who have been clicking on the full details of properties and the percentage change between the same time period in the previous year.

Each point represents a rolling seven-day average. For example, the data shown on 12th May compares the average daily detail views for 6th–12th May 2020 to 6th–12th May 2019.

Property market West London

According to Rightmove’s search data, despite a sharp drop initially, during lockdown, the number of people clicking on the full details of properties has been steadily rising ever since in West London, peaking at 78% higher than the same time last year – a figure which appears to coincide with the Chancellor’s announcement regarding a six month Stamp Duty holiday. 

These are really encouraging numbers, not only is there an increasing number of properties coming to market, but there’s also a healthy demand.

With that in mind...

If the recent Stamp Duty announcement has inspired you to sell your property whilst there are savings to be made, or if you're looking to take advantage as a buyer - we're open and here for you. You can get in touch with us via our website LiveChat feature, give us a call on 020 8740 6622 or contact your local branch.

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