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Life at Northfields during lockdown and after

10 May 2020
Northfields Estates are always here for you, no matter what


Since the COVID-19 lockdown began and we were forced to up-camp to our remote home offices, we have been tirelessly working behind the scenes to be available for all of our customers as much as “normal”.  All of our key staff are still working normal hours (if not longer) albeit from their homes, and we are pleased to tell you that we have managed to adapt very quickly and, if we say it ourselves, very efficiently too! We are meeting on ZOOM conferencing twice daily to ensure that we are all aware of what is going on with the customers we are all, individually, dealing with, and our online live chat service is still available too, and,  on top of that, we have stepped up our social media and are available on Facebook & Instagram messenger much longer hours too.


As you can imagine, we have had to adapt our business practices quite significantly, since the Government stopped all non-emergency house moves and non-essential works on rental properties.  As we are close to Ealing & West Middlesex Hospitals, we have been helping NHS and key workers to move in order to be close to where they are needed and keep their own families safe.  Of course, all essential moves have had to take place using the safe-distancing rules, so we have been unable to get stuck in helping with the physical move and checking the property inventory and handing over keys in person, but we have found ways to ensure a safe and efficient move, without any physical contact.

Northfields Estates are always here for you, no matter what

We have found that applicant levels have not dropped as you would imagine, considering we are unable to take people around to view properties in person.  So we have also adapted our viewing process and we have ‘video viewings’ available for empty properties and are able to arrange for video viewings with home-owners for those lived-in properties.  In fact, we have streamlined this process and will continue to offer this for all FIRST VIEWINGS as standard, moving forwards.  This will reduce those unnecessary viewings, where people either don’t turn up or walk in the door and know immediately it isn’t for them.  Going forward, once lockdown is lifted, we will be able to physical viewings (using safe distancing) for those people who have already viewed by video, and that will keep any physical meetings to a minimum and for those who really are serious viewers.


Northfields Estates are always here for you, no matter what


While we were very rushed into the production of the videos we produced in the fortnight before we were told to stop visiting properties and stay at home, the video process has still been good enough to secure “offers in principle” for many properties.  Once we are able to visit our empty properties again, of course – taking all of the safety precautions now in place, we will be able to produce even better quality footage including 360-degree videos, making this FIRST VIEWING PROCESS even better.  We are being told daily how valuable video viewings have been, and we are confident it will form a place in our business processes moving forward.

Northfields Estates are always here for you, no matter what

Our team of local people really love the area we work in, and it is of utmost importance that we listen to you and do everything we can to keep you safe and healthy.  We have increased our social media presence and are actively supporting all local businesses who are doing their best to stay afloat and adapt during these challenging times.  We are here to chat, it does not need to be about buying, selling or renting a property, it can be about anything to do with the local EALING area.  We want to do everything that we can to get our local residents through this tricky time and we genuinely care about helping others wherever we can.  Our HELPLINES have been open throughout lockdown, and we love chatting on the website LIVE CHAT or on our FACEBOOK MESSENGER, it’s just nice to interact with other local people and try to have a laugh if we can.


It is obvious that people still want to move home, in fact, there is much pent up frustration, from those who were waiting for the BREXIT situation to be agreed upon, and just as the market was starting to boom, CORONAVIRUS took hold.  However, nothing is going to stop us from Northfields!  We are local, knowledgable and very experienced valuers and we know the roads inside out, so all we need to do is have a VIDEO TOUR of your home, using your mobile phone, and we can give you an accurate guide price and a list of any jobs required before we put your home on the market.  You can then get on with any little DIY and decorating jobs, whilst in lockdown, and have your home READY TO GO as soon as we are able to come out and get your floorplan and photos completed.


Northfields Estates are always here for you, no matter what

We have always been proud of our social media since the Sunday Times awarded us BEST SOCIAL MEDIA for any Estate Agency in the UK.  We post daily on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin, and we keep our posts community-focused and are always looking for local news and views to share.  Please follow us and let us know how you are doing and if there is ANYTHING that the Northfields team can do to help you. #staysafe 🌈