It’s that time of year again where the cauliflowers get fluffy, the cabbages are green, the kids are back to school and the after school clutter begins! This year why not calm the chaos with these

5 back to school storage ideas

Cubby holes for all the family

Create locker-style cubby holes so that the dumping ground free-for-all of book bags and shoes can be contained and are no longer wandering off to strange places when you are trying to get out of the door on time in the morning. With a large cubby for the bags, a basket underneath each for the shoes and some storage on top for winter hats and scarves, reorganise the space you have to make it easier to keep everything where it should be. 

Homework Station 

With a lot of us working from home already, you may have transformed your spare room into a cosy office space. Why not add some wall-mounted desks with plenty of storage for books and pens? Create a calming homework space so your little ones can be free from distraction while getting that dreaded homework done. 

Drawer organiser

Get yourself a stack of trays for each of your children, and customise the fronts with fun stickers and the days of the week. This will help to organise each day, not only giving some independence as they will be able to pack their own bags for the day, but also gives you peace of mind that you have all the right things in the right place at the beginning of the week. If you get deeper drawers, it can store things like book bags, books and stationary as well as uniform and PE kit.

Whiteboard calendar

Keep after school clubs and meals for the week written down on a whiteboard visible for all, so nothing gets forgotten this year. Pick your size whiteboard and go simple with lines and a trusty dry wipe marker, or a bit fancier with custom vinyl stickers to plan out each day. Each week can be rubbed out and rewritten so you never lose track of what you need to do and when. It’s also fun, and a great way to be eco-conscious reducing your use of paper. 

Kitchen organisation 

Lunchbox planning can be quite a task, especially if you have multiple children who all like different things, but you can make it easier on yourself by keeping your kitchen organised. Use clear containers to organise the shelves in your fridge and cupboard so you can easily grab snacks to fill lunchboxes and hungry tums after school. If you’re in need of some inspiration, you can find a whole host of organisational hacks and ideas on Pinterest. 

School work folder 

Get a folder to organise work and certificates that are brought home using dividers for each school year, and keep all of your children’s special achievements organised and in one place. Do this from the outset and you won’t have to start when you are a mile under colourful drawings. And on that, if you do find yourself not knowing where to store special artwork, why not keep a few select drawings, and take a picture of the others to turn into a photo book when you have enough?


If it’s gone past the point of being able to organise...

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