With spring just around the corner, it’s a great time to start thinking about the maintenance you would like to carry out on your property. Here are the top 5 things we think you should be checking.

Garden Tidy-up

Over the winter months, we see all sorts of weathers. From rain and snow to wind. A variety of weathers mean that you can end up with lots of debris, leaves and rubbish strewn across your garden and that can make your garden look untidy. It can even store water making everything damp and slippy.

Clean up leaves so that they don’t sit wet on the patio and decking. Dig over beds or patches that you are planning on planting summer flowers. Generally, tidy up overgrown plants and edges. Spending time outside is also extremely therapeutic, and it’s a great excuse for a cup of tea and a piece of cake after all the hard work!


Check multiple glazed windows for signs of blowing. This is when moisture appears between the layers of the glazing. You’ll notice when a window needs replacing more this time of year because of the difference in temperature inside and out. Condensation occurs when moisture in the air cools to it’s dew point, so when the warm air from your house meets the cold window, you’ll see if you have an issue.

It’s a good time to check the frames and any wooden parts to the windows too. Over time wood can rot and that can cause problems with damp on the inside of your home.


Check the guttering for a build up of moss and other debris. Making sure to clean the gutters out twice a year (once with your autum checks and once in spring), will mean that you will reduce the risk of your gutters overflowing. Overflowing gutters can lead to wet walls and, if left, can lead to a serious damp problem.

Roof Maintenance

Check the roof for any gaps in the tiles or broken or damaged areas. Throughout the winter the weather can loosen roof tiles which can cause leaks which you may or may not see. Water damage in a home can reak havoc if not caught early so it’s important to prevent it where possible.

A great way to check for holes, is by getting up to your roof space turning the light off and looking for any natural light or patches where you can see sky. This will help because it’s easier to see the sky in the dark, than a small hole in the roof from the outside.

Check Taps and pipes

Especially when it’s been a cold winter, check the outside taps and pipes. Because water expands when freezing, it’s a good idea to wrap any pipes so that they don’t get frozen and burst. If you weren’t able to do this, checking the pipes in spring for leaks can save you a lot of time and money too.

Spring checks to your property are just as important as doing winter house maintenance. They can help to find any issues before they become bigger problems. A bit of a spring tidy up can also help make your property feel like home again after being shut away over winter.