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A new era for #EalingHour

31 Mar 2015

When I was approached by Carlene Bender @ContactusEaling and Amy Calver of @clarence_alabam via the Northfields Twitter handle @Northfieldslive and asked to host #EalingHour I jumped at the chance. 


#EalingHour tweeters at a tweetup in September 2014 hosted by Northfields

Here was a way for me personally to give back to the community and for Northfields to use its strong social media presence as a family-owned, independent estate agency to be the vehicle that could support a local online event. 

That was just over a year ago and #EalingHour has become a fixture in our community.  Every Tuesday between 8-9pm anyone interested in Ealing can tweet using the #EalingHour hashtag to join other tweeters in a discussion about anything relevant to Ealing.   

We are regularly joined by charities, churches, schools, businesses, politicians, journalists and interested residents to chat about all things Ealing.

Through #EalingHour many individuals and businesses have been able to make connections. Best of all, may people have been able to raise money for charity. 


Our CEO Richard Palfreeman at the Christmas #EalingHour tweetup with vintage girl group The Buttercups

As #EalingHour marks its first anniversary, we are transitioning to a new way of doing this weekly event. 

New Hosts for #EalingHour

After hosting #EalingHour for over a year, I’ve made the difficult decision to leave Northfields to pursue new challenges with one of Northfields’ partners.  This means that I won’t be able to continue to act as #EalingHour’s host.

At Northfields we know how important #EalingHour has been to the community and we want to ensure that it continues to be a fixture in our local area.

Colleen Babcock new square bio photo

Colleen Babcock, Marketing Manager at Northfields will soon be handing over #EalingHour to its new hosts

So we’ve approached several local tweeters who will be taking over #EalingHour via a central #EalingHour twitter handle – @EalingHour.  This will mean that several people can share the responsibilities of hosting and bring their unique strengths and perspectives to this Twitter event.

I would like to thank everyone who has supported me during #EalingHour.  I have been incredibly lucky to get to know you all – and I’ll continue to see you around and about Ealing where I will be continuing to live. 

Keep your eye on Twitter @EalingHour on Tuesdays 8-9pm and follow the hashtag #EalingHour and support your new #EalingHour hosts – Carlene Bender, Catherine Gunnewicht and Hilary Nicholl.