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Adding value to your home or rental property with fitted furniture – 5 tips from bespoke furniture expert Tim Amery

5 May 2014

We're pleased to have Ealing based expert cabinet maker Tim Amery guest blogging for Northfields and sharing how you can add value to your property using built-in furniture.  Just think about it – if you viewed a property for sale or for rent with amazing built-in furniture that makes the most of every nook and cranny wouldn't you be impressed? We are.

Over to Tim…


We’ve all heard the saying “Kitchens and bathrooms sell houses.” So as a general rule we are more comfortable with investing in these areas of our home. In the kitchen a buyer looks for functional easy to use storage, signs of quality and craftsmanship in the fitting and that all-important wow factor. If this is what a buyer is looking for in a kitchen then it stands to reason that if they find this in other areas of the property your home will tick a lot more boxes for them.

Let me share my top 5 tips for adding value to your home with fitted furniture.

1. Utilise your alcoves.


Well-fitting alcove furniture, be it floor to ceiling units or cabinets and floating shelving provide essential storage, symmetry and a focal point for the room. These impressive pieces of made to measure furniture make use of every bit of available space and often mean you can banish several pieces of smaller, not so useful pieces which may be cluttering up your room. There are many different styles and options available from all singing, all dancing contemporary units incorporating lighting and all of your media equipment to traditional cabinets that will add a touch of elegance to your room.

2. Be sensitive to your period features.


Make the most of your period features by choosing design details on your furniture that complement your cornicing, skirting boards or door mouldings. Choose a skilled cabinetmaker with the appropriate tools to fit your furniture around picture rails and skirting boards to create a seamless finish. Alternatively create impact by contrasting your period features with furniture that is slick and contemporary. Again the quality of the finish and fitting here is key.

3. Invest in bespoke loft storage.


Often when planning a loft conversion we spend a lot of time and money carefully considering how to get the most out of these spaces. When the conversion is complete we promptly fill these often awkward shaped rooms with ill-fitting furniture! When a potential buyer sees this they would be forgiven for thinking “Great space but where would I put all of my stuff?!”  Made to measure furniture can transform all of that awkward under eaves space into usable space so that potential buyers will see that there is a place for everything.

4. Be creative and add furniture ‘surprises’.


Gain bonus points with potential buyers by adding pieces of well-planned fitted furniture that they might not be expecting. Here are some of my favorites; pull out shoe storage under the stairs, a hallway bench which is just big enough to sit the kids on to take muddy boots off but doesn’t take up so much room in the hall as to be in the way (with shoe storage underneath, of course!) a desk or dressing table tucked away in an unused corner.

5. Choose quality over quantity.


Although adding additional storage space is important be careful to strike a balance between function, aesthetics and budget. Choose an area of your home that you think would benefit most from good quality fitted furniture and make a design feature of it rather than trying to cram slightly cheaper, badly fitted furniture into every available space.  Badly fitting furniture can be as damaging to a potential sale as any other poorly executed work.

Tim Picture

Tim Amery makes high quality bespoke furniture

I hope that you find these tips useful and that you feel inspired to make some changes to the furniture in your home that will make it the perfect home for someone else!

More About Tim 

Tim Amery has been working with furniture for over 15 years. He began his career in the Antique shops of Ealing where he gained a thorough education in traditional furniture construction and restoration. He has been making furniture for the residents of Ealing for the past 9 years, all the time building up a trusted team of colleagues, a team he now works with today. 


Email.                 [email protected]

Tel:                     020 8997 2798


Twitter:                @timamery

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