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Throwback Thursday: Eight Week Countdown to Make House Moving Easier

8 Aug 2013

We thought we'd start a new feature here on the blog – Throwback Thursday.  We've got some great blog posts in our archives that you may not have seen, so we are updating one post per week to revive it on a Thursday. Here's an updated blog post from back in 2011 that we think is still helpful and relevant.

As exciting a change as moving can be, it is also very stressful.  Take the stress out of moving home by planning ahead.  Here is an eight week countdown of some of the things you should consider.

Eight weeks before
Moving house checklist

1.  If you are moving to a new area, get to know it if you can.  If you live too far away to explore in person, try websites like the Best Of  to get to know shops, restaurants, gyms or other services you may need.
2.  Plan out your new home's layout including placement of your furniture and items to go in your new home and see if there is anything new you will need to order or buy.

Six weeks before

1.  Confirm the date of your completiton with your estate agent – consider that although many people complete and move at the weekend, you'll get a better rate from removal companies if you can move midweek.
2.  Organise how you'll move. Get written quotes from local removal companies or hire firms detailing costs and insurance limitations or draft in friends and their vehicles for moving day.
3.  Sort out your utilities, including your current suppliers of your move.  For a complete list of who you need to contact to notify them of your change of address click the link.
4.  Cut down on the amount you need to pack and move by de-cluttering ahead of D-day by donating items you no longer want to local charity shops or

Four weeks before

1.  Start packing non-essentials.  When packing don't put all your heavy items in one box and write the box's contents and its destination room in your new home on the side of the box.  But don't pack everything. Packing up everyday items is a waste of time this early on.
2.  Take down fitted items such as mirrors, shelves and light fittings.  If you own the property you are moving out of, you can take anything that was not agreed upon as part of the sale of the house.  If you are moving out of rented accommodation make sure that you don't take items that don't belong to you or you may lose your desposit to pay for those items.
3.  Set up utility suppliers for your new home. Compare the market and find the best value deal for gas and electricity, home phone, broadband and digital TV.

Two weeks before

1.  Confirm moving day arrangements. Ask your removal company what time they're arriving and if they provide boxes.
2.  Register your new address with the Post Office for their mail redirect service
3.  Send out change of address cards or e-cards to friends and family.  Microsoft Office has a free change of address card templates to be used in Word, click the link to download the free template.
4. Most movers may remember to inform the bank of their change of address but what about your loyalty cards or breakdown service? Use the following list of services you might forget.

•Electoral register
•Mobile phone company
•Loyalty cards
•TV licence
•Your employer
•Breakdown services
Microsoft Office has a free letter template in Word format that you can use to notify services of your change of address.
5.  If you are moving out of the area notify your GP, dentist and optician of your move.
6.  Phone your estate agent to find out when you can pick up the keys.   A good agent will not be able to give you the keys until they have received word from the seller's solicitor that they have received the funds to complete the sale.  If there is a delay, call your solicitor so that they can speak to the seller's solicitor and find out what the delay might be.  
7.  Try and use up all the food in your freezer and try not to buy too much extra food or you may have to move that too.

The day before

1.  Pack an essentials box with items you'll need to hand on the day of the move.  The essentials listed below might be some of the items in that box:

•Basic cutlery/crockery
•Bedding and towels
•First aid kit
•Toilet rolls
•Light bulbs
•Pet food (if applicable)
•Small tool kit
•Mobile phone chargers
•Documentation for hire vehicles, key collection etc.

2.  If you live in a house or in a split level flat move boxes downstairs. This will help you or the removal company load your items quickly on the day.
3. Take final readings for the gas, electricity and water meters.
4. Pick up any rented moving vehicles. If you're hiring a van, pick it up the evening before.
5.Revisit each room one last time to check you've packed everything for a last minute check.

After the move

1.  When buying things online remember to check delivery addresses as they may still be storing your old address.
2.  Register with a new doctor, dentist and optician if you've moved into a new area.

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