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Could you help make Hanwell Carnival even bigger & better this year?

19 Feb 2015
Could you help make Hanwell Carnival even bigger & better this year?

This year’s Hanwell Carnival is June 20th in Elthorne Park and preparations are, believe it or not, already under-way.  Our guest blogger, Viv Ellis who sometimes reports for, fills you in on what is happening this year and how you can help.

Over to Viv…


I have lived in Hanwell for 10 years now and got involved with our local carnival after a plea for volunteers on a local forum.

A short history of Hanwell Carnival

What I didn’t know – and I bet you don’t either – is that Hanwell Carnival is probably the oldest, continuous carnival in London. It began in the late 1890s when it was all about raising funds for the Cottage Hospital. As the years and two world wars went by, the event floundered but was given the kiss of life by Billy Smart (he of the circus) in 1961 and it’s been going from strength to strength ever since.


Hanwell Carnival now

In 2014, there were 30,000 visitors. And this is nothing to do with the Council – it’s organised completely by volunteers.

It takes place in June every year (third Saturday). But the preparation and planning go on all year round. There are sponsors to find (still looking), ways to raise funding (still trying), and ideas for new attractions for the next year. It’s a never-ending task. Makes painting the Forth bridge a breeze!


One thing we are really proud of is our procession, which kicks off the day in noisy, vibrant style. The procession had nearly died out but we borrowed a de-fibrillator and now it’s quite something. It takes a humungous amount of work. We’ve just started our art workshops (everyone welcome!) where we plan and make costumes, banners and float decorations under the firm but fair guidance of our Art Director, Andrea Jones who studied illustration at Harrow and St Martins. Individual schools and groups make their own costumes etc but the main floats are done by us.

How you can help with the Hanwell Carnival

  • We do have around five trailers lined up but we’d love some more. They have to have public liability insurance so, yes it’s expensive. But if you can lend us a vehicle loads of people will see your logo and we do lots of marketing.
  • We need more people. Come to the art workshops – details below- they are great fun. Help in the run up – raising finance, finding sponsors, all sorts. Then there are fliers and programmes to distribute, posters to put up. The day before (Friday June 19th) help prepare the park. On the day itself we need loads of help – even if you can only do 2 or 3 hours.

Before I go…you know, the all the plastic carrier bags that get thrown away/recycled each week? This is how we use them.


1. Collated into colour groups, we cut off the handles.

2. These handles are then tied to wire and later “fluffed up” so they look like flowers.

c) Fluff them up

e) Tracey Yarde (looks after the Animal Zone on the day) making our “bag garlands”

Join in with Fun, Glue and Glitter

Our art workshops (or “Fun with Glue and Glitter” as we call them) are:

from 1-5pm at Hanwell Community Centre, Westcott Crescent, London W7 1PD.

The dates are:

Feb 21st

March 7th & 21st

April 11th & 25th

May 9th, 16th & 30th

June 6th& 13th

Want to help out and support Hanwell Carnival?  Here’s how to get in touch:

Viv Ellis bio photo
Viv Ellis, our guest blogger, is a journalist and TV producer who is one of the tireless volunteers behind Hanwell Carnival


Facebook:  facebook/Hanwell Carnival1

Twitter: @HanwellCarnival

Who is Viv?

Viv Ellis is a TV producer and journalist. In her spare time she’s part of Team Carnival – the hard working group of volunteers who organise Hanwell Carnival.

Thanks for guest blogging for us Viv.  It’s great to know about what is going on in our community and how we can support the fantastic events that make Hanwell and the whole borough of Ealing such a great place to live.