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Dolores Marskell’s Top Tips for Winter

12 Jan 2016
Dolores Marskell’s Top Tips for Winter

Hi, I’m Dolores Marskell and I am the Head of Property Management at Northfields, working at the Northfields Avenue Branch.

Following on from my Christmas video (click here to view) I’m writing, for posterity and future reference, my 3 TOP TIPS for keeping your home warm and safe during the Winter months. 

Whilst the pre-christmas period turned out to be far milder than predicted, January and February are likely to be some of the chilliest periods we’ve seen for quite some time, so please make sure that you follow our tips if you want to keep your home in top condition:


We have a blog you can find here on how to do this, and if you need a video tutorial, British Gas do a very informative one which can be found here This will help keep your radiators in working order, and stop you from making a panicked phone call to your landlord when they refuse to heat up as the temperature drops.  

It is really important to keep your radiators on low during the really cold months, because otherwise pipes can burst and cause a lot of damage.


No one wants to open the windows when it is cold outside, but it is vital that you ventilate your home over the Winter months because the difference in temperature from inside to outside will lead to condensation building up. 

If you dry your clothes indoors on clothes airers or on the radiators,  moisture will  cling to your walls and windows and if this is not cleaned constantly, it will build up and cause unsightly black mould around the joints or over the surfaces.  

Trust me, it’s better to leave your windows open for 10 minutes each day than pay out to remove damp and mildew later down the line, not even mentioning the health issues that will arise if mould & mildew is left unchecked


This may sound like an obvious point, but it can be the most costly and devastating.  Make sure that you have checked all windows and doors are securely locked, that you have cancelled the milkman and newspapers (if you have these delivered and they pile up on the doorstep, it’s a green light to a burglar) and that you have notified your landlord, agent and neighbours (where possible leave them our number) that you are going to be leaving the property empty. 

That way if there is an emergency or anything untoward is noticed, hopefully it can be checked out quickly.

Thanks for reading!