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Extended Opening Times

15 Mar 2018
Extended Opening Times

Hi my name is Angelica and I wanted to share with you my evening in client care at Northfields…

It begins with coming in and being greeted with lots of smiles and laughter from the Shepherds Bush agents before heading downstairs to liaise with the day time Client Care team and catching up on the day’s events.

As always, everyone is in high spirits and if you’re lucky you might even hear the horn blow! That, by the way, means we’ve been instructed with a new valuation and trust me, sometimes it feels like it never stops blowing!

The evening shift begins at 5.30pm with many leads coming in which we are able to action immediately up until 10pm. This enables our clients to be able to speak to us later in the day in the comfort of their own homes, at their convenience, making it all the more enjoyable and relaxing.

As someone who has bought and let property before, I know that these things can’t always be taken care of during your lunch break or while you’re seeing to the kids with their homework and so on which makes our late night service invaluable. I love the job I do as I have a keen interest in the property market so I feel like I am able to give the best advice and help at all times. Having lived in the area myself for many years, it has also given me the ability to be able to have a stronger understanding of our client’s needs, in terms of schooling, transport links and local amenities.

I must say that it’s a real pleasure to speak to our clients when they’re away from the office as they too, are now more relaxed and happy to talk, and trust me we do have some very interesting conversations to say the least! It is also a real pleasure to be able to assist our clients in all aspects of the business.

The evening ends with us booking in viewings and valuations for both the sales and lettings negotiators and ensuring their diaries are filled to the brim!

So far we have managed to build a fantastic rapport with our clients in the evenings, we’re able to answer their questions, give them the time that they need and they know that we’re always here on hand which is fantastic, resulting in great results for everybody all round.

Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Angelica and the team at Northfields.