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How do you make extra space on your kitchen worktops when you are renting or can’t renovate? We share our top 5 tips

19 Jan 2015

If you are renting and can’t renovate your kitchen or don’t currently have the cash to renovate your home, here are some ways you can expand your kitchen worktop space that won't break the bank or put your deposit at risk.


1. Buy a cooker cover that doubles up as a chopping board  - or make your own hob/cooker covers with this DIY tutorial that we found on the blog The Kitchn. 

2.  Get an over-the-sink chopping board – try looking in kitchen supply shops or turn to Google to find a chopping board that quickly makes your sink into workable space.

Over sink chopping board

3.  If you have the floor space, try a stand-alone kitchen trolley – use the shelves to store things out of the way to free up more worktop space and use the top as an additional food preparation area.

4.  Mount lightweight items like a kitchen towel holder or kitchen utensils on the underside of your kitchen cabinets or on a wall with 3M Command strips or hooks – Command products can be removed without damaging the surface underneath so you won’t risk losing your deposit.

5.  Use an ironing board to create a pop-up extra space when you need it – it’s cheap, it’s cheerful and it works!

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