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How To Test Your Boiler

10 Nov 2017
How To Test Your Boiler

It is important to test your boiler after the warmer months, as your boiler may have developed a problem due to inactivity. Save yourself the hassle of doing without hot water and heating during the harsh winter season and use our handy guide for testing your boiler.

Step 1

Turn off your programmer/boiler and turn your room thermostat down to 0, if you have one, if not use the thermostat on your boiler.

Step 2

Turn on your boiler/programmer and central heating, making sure your hot water is turned off.

Step 3

Turn up your room thermostat or boiler thermostat, and make sure the boiler fires up.

Step 4

Wait for 5-10 minutes, and feel the top and bottom of your radiators in each room, make sure they warm up evenly.

Step 5

Turn down the room thermostat/boiler thermostat and make sure the boiler to turns off.

Step 6

If you have a combination boiler (WITHOUT a hot water cylinder/copper tank usually in an airing cupboard)
– Turn on the hot water wait for the water to warm up and check that you get a steady, even flow and that the temperature is stable.

If you have a conventional boiler (WITH a hot water cylinder/copper tank)
– Check that the cylinder thermostat (stat) is set to 0, and turn on the hot water at the programmer

Check the boiler has NOT fired up, if it has you may need a new cylinder stat, this is important as you could risk scalding.

Turn up the cylinder stat to approximately 55C (hotter risks scalding, lower risks legionella) and check that the boiler fires up.