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Instead of asking who am I to Be: Amazing? Ask yourself who are you NOT to Be: Amazing? That’s what Northfields has taught me…

4 Dec 2013
Colleen Babcock  bio photo

Colleen Babcock, Marketing Manager at Northfields

I like to brag about the company I work for.  And while it is true that I am the Marketing Manager for Northfields and that bragging about my company is part of my job description, in my case, my job is made that much easier because I truly believe that I work for the most amazing company.  I started working for Northfields in 2005 as a “stop-gap” – something to do while I tried to figure out what I wanted to do long term.  Little did I know that my "stop-gap job" would turn into a passion and the team at Northfields would become like a second family to me. 


Be: Amazing is one of Northfields' 7 core values

Part of the reason I am such a passionate believer in my company is because they are passionate believers in me.  My job has evolved, grown and changed as the needs of the company have changed, but also as my personal needs have changed. 

I’ve had to cut down hours due to injuries to my hands and Northfields adjusted my job to accommodate me.

Quotation from Richard's office

I first saw this quotation hanging in our CEO Richard Palfreeman's office and I think that it says something about how Northfields thinks about people. Northfields always asks "Who are you not to be amazing?"

I became incredibly interested in social media and when I asked if I could focus on blogging, Twitter and Facebook our MD Nick Devonport and our CEO Richard Palfreeman supported me 100% – even at a time when most agents were not convinced of the worth of social media.

And when my personal circumstances changed and I had to move back to my native Canada 6 months ago, Northfields figured out not only how I could keep my job, but how we could all benefit from the time difference and remote working situation.  Most companies would have wished me well and had the staff sign a card.  Northfields did not let the small matter of 5,000 miles (give or take) and an ocean stand in the way of keeping my experience part of the Northfields family. 

In some ways Northfields behaves like a small company.  Everyone matters, everyone gets recognised.  But it some ways Northfields thinks BIG! Multi-national conglomerates have people working from all over the world, why not Northfields?  I know West London, the company and the staff well, so why not?

So ask yourself, why not?

Why not join this amazing company and find out for yourself how we can help you to “Be the best you can be”?

We’re looking for part-time or full-time staff to start immediately.  Call us on 020 8840 6666 or ask me what it is like to work for an award-winning, independent estate agent via Twitter @Northfieldslive or via our Facebook page.  I can’t promise I won’t brag though.

Colleen Babcock

Marketing Manager