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Increase your kerb appeal with these buyer-attracting plants

10 Apr 2015

When selling your home you know that you have to present your interior so that potential buyers can see themselves living in your home.  You may have spent time tidying and staging your garden, but have you thought about your homes kerb appeal?


What is Kerb Appeal?

When it comes to selling your home first impressions and appearances are everything.  How you present the front of your home, and the impression your home gives to potential buyers, determines its kerb appeal.  You need to ensure that your outside space is as attractive as your inside, one way of doing this is by adding colourful flowers and plants to your pots or tubs.  We've all been lucky enough to have a great start to the Spring, and now that the clocks have gone forward we can all venture out in to our gardens and get stuck in.

Should you be wondering what sort of plants and flowers should you be planting at this time of year, we have a small collection of kerb appeal enticing flora to aid your sale.

Our top 5 flora to sow and grow in your Ealing garden this April:

  1.  Calendula Officinalis

    Marigold-Increase your kerb appeal with these buyer-attracting plants
    Sown in April, these zesty coloured Marigolds will bloom in the early summer months, their citrus tones are sure to catch the eye prospective buyers. 
    Ideal for patios / kitchen gardens / cottage gardens / wildlife gardens.

  2. Cosmos Bipinnatus 
    Cosmos-bipinnatus-Increase your kerb appeal with these buyer-attracting plants

    With pure white ‘daisy-like’ flowers, this beautiful plant is perfect for potted sunny spots.
    Ideal for patios / cottage gardens / wildlife gardens / cut flower gardens.

  3. Papaver commutatum 'Ladybird'
    Ladybird Poppies - Papaver commutatum-Increase your kerb appeal with these buyer-attracting plants

    For a vibrant edition to your garden why not plant this stunning poppy? With large red flowers with black spots, just like a ladybird, it also exceptionally easy to grow.
    Ideal for cottage gardens / wildlife gardens / cut flower gardens

  4. Chinese Forget-Me-Not
    Forget-me-not--Increase your kerb appeal with these buyer-attracting plants

    Flowering throughout spring and much of the summer, these dainty azure-blue and white flowers are a glamorous Forget-Me-Not and should make your garden unforgettable to potential buyers.
    Ideal for mixed borders.

  5. Wildflower Seed Mixtures
    Wildflowers-Increase your kerb appeal with these buyer-attracting plants

    Create a more natural, less formal appearance by planting a wildflower mix this April.  Wildflowers have become increasingly popular in recent years and are a wonderful way of attracting natural wildlife such as butterflies and bees as well as adding a flash of colour.
    Ideal for cottage gardens / wildlife gardens.

Don’t have green fingers? Well how about:

  • Refreshing your front door with a coat of shiny gloss paint, along with some new door furniture.
  • It is also advisable to touch up any other outdoor paintwork
  • Make sure you wash any curtains at the windows, as well as taking a look from the outside to make sure they’re hanging nicely.
  • Sweeping the path and moving bins to the side or the back of the house, for photos and viewings (if possible).
  • Even if you don't have green fingers, simply purchase a beautiful hanging basket.

The current market strongly suggests that we will be experiencing a completely busy spring at Northfields.  With an influx of new potential buyers seeking their new home, there is no time to wait to ensure your home for sale is full of kerb appeal.

For advice and guidance on staging your Ealing home, or If you’re thinking of selling in 2015, please get in touch with one of our friendly team today who will be happy to help.