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Keeping your houseplants alive when you go away on holiday

8 Aug 2014

A bit of greenery in your home can really make it feel welcoming and appealing – particularly if you are looking to sell or let your property.


However, when you go away for a holiday whether it’s for a weekend or a two week beach holiday there is an easy way to keep your houseplants alive without having someone come into your property to “plant-sit”.

This tip has come from my own mum through her mum, so it’s been tested by three generations!

Just before you go on holidays, fill a large container or your bathtub (if you have a lot or large plants) with several inches of water.  If your plant sits in a tray or pot without drainage, make sure you take the pot with drainage holes and sit it in the water in the container or tub.

Colleen Babcock bio photoWith the plant pot sits in the water, the roots will pull the water up through the drainage holes.

Easy peasy!

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