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Landlords, are you prepared for Right To Rent?

20 Jan 2016
Landlords, are you prepared for Right To Rent?

This morning’s edition of Letting Agent Today reports on a survey of 5,000 landlords conducted for suggests that half of them are not prepared for the introduction of Right To Rent in under two weeks from now.

Some 20% believed that they had until April 2017 to prepare for the changes while 3% believed they had until 2018 to get ready.

The new legislation will require all landlords and agents in England to check a tenant’s immigration status or ‘right to rent’ in the UK. A failure to prepare could leave landlords at serious financial risk, with potential fines of £3,000 if they do not comply.

Thankfully, if you are a landlord of Northfield Estates your tenant reference checks will automatically now check for immigration status and you will be covered.

The broad-reaching survey also revealed that 90% of landlords were apparently unable to define a House in Multiple Occupancy, and over 15% were putting themselves at serious financial risk by failing to provide a valid contact address on tenancy agreements.

However, thankfully 77% were aware of the need for an up to date Energy Performance Certificate, 95% correctly identified their gas safety responsibilities and 76% also knew of the need for a smoke alarm on every floor.

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