According to research, the average person in the UK will live in seven homes over their lifetime, and will rent twice before purchasing their first home. They will then own multiple properties before looking to downsize at the average age of 56. If your first house isn’t the only house you will go on to own, it’s really important that the home you’re living in retains or increases in value to help you get what you’re looking for next but how do you maintain property value?

Keep up with the the curb appeal

First impressions count for a lot so make sure the curb appeal doesn’t dwindle over time. It can be easy to overlook the weeds between the paved driveway or the dead plants in the pots, once vibrant with colour. Make sure that from the outside the property looks inviting and like it could be moved into straight away. Half the battle of selling a house is getting people over the threshold, so it needs to be appealing in images online (where they’re most likely to see it) as well as in person.

Maintenance of the big things

It’s not just the outside appearance that you should keep on top of. Keep up with the maintenance of the big things that if they need changing when it’s time to sell could de-value your home. Jobs like roof maintenance, making sure that there are no holes or leaks, keeping the structural integrity of the house and keeping up to date with boiler maintenance will make sure there are no nasty surprises for your buyer. The less they have to do when purchasing your home, the less likely they’ll be to try and beat down your price.

Decoration when selling

We’re not here to judge you for your green carpet and tangerine walls, but are you going to be appealing to the masses with that choice of decorating? When decorating for yourself, you only need to consider what you like, but when it comes to selling, make the decor as neutral as possible to make the most of the value. 


Don’t leave deep cleaning until right before you sell your home. Deep cleaning is when you can find surprises like damp and mould which are generally caused by larger issues. Finding big problems right before you are looking to sell will not make for a stress free sales process. Give yourself time to discover things that may need fixing up to maintain property value.

Don’t be gutted by guttering

Keep gutters and drains clean, and keep the outside spaces maintained too. Overgrown shrubs and bushes can be daunting to prospective buyers especially if they aren’t green fingered or are inexperienced with gardening.

Bathrooms and kitchens

Update tired fixtures and fittings in bathrooms and kitchens if you can when they have lived their life. Making sure rooms are functional and not full of stuff that’s about to collapse will massively help to keep value in your property. This doesn’t have to mean you putting in new items that are upgrades to what you have now, but making sure the things that are being left behind are in good working order will help you achieve the asking price you are looking for. 

Maintain property value: an ongoing task

The easiest way to maintain property value in your property is by not ignoring the jobs. Keep maintenance for each season, check things are working, especially if they are fixed in the house and don’t put off those big cleans. By keeping your home up together little and often, you’re saving the future you the hassle of trying to do it all at once!

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