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Northfields Annual Staff Trip Winners 2018

6 Nov 2018
Northfields Annual Staff Trip Winners 2018

For the past 6 years Northfields have been holding an annual staff trip abroad for their staff winners for a number of categories including:

Best Office Over Target
Best Sales Negotiator
Best Lettings Negotiator
Best 5 Star ***** Customer Reviews
Best Support Team Member
Best Staff member (as voted by the Staff)
Director’s Choices

This year, on 24th & 25th of November, the winners will be off to on a BA scheduled flight, taking them to Lisbon to stay in the 5 star ***** Hotel H10, all expenses paid with a number of fun activities lined up, as well as some gastronomic delights at top restaurants.

Here are some of the Winners with their luggage tags!

Congratulations to:

  • Alejandro Munoz
  • Noura Mehdinejad
  • Aimee Bruce
  • Alessio Varricchio
  • Leah Verasammy
  • Jason Godfray
  • Charmaine Grant
  • Abigail Lomo-Dash
  • Ernest Dugbartey

MD Richard Palfreeman says “It is hugely important for the team to be rewarded for their hard work and effort.  Everyone always has an amazing time, and, whilst we cannot take everyone away, because it’s an annual event, there is always next year to improve and get that amazing ticket.  I have some wonderful memories of these team trips, and I receive a lot of positive comments from the winners, but also from those who didn’t make the cut.  Everyone knows it’s a trip worth winning and they continue to give the company their all, year after year.  I am hugely proud of them all, especially in a tough market as we’ve had this year!  Well done.”

And the world says “ENJOY!”



The team arrive in Lisbon airport:










If you are considering a new career in the property industry, why not join our amazing team and you could be whizzing off to see the sights with your colleagues!