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Northfields Moving Day Playlist: Songs to keep you moving

11 Oct 2014

We know that moving day can be quite stressful.  However, it can also be quite fun – getting a bunch of friends and family together to help you haul boxes and heft furniture.  Just don't forget to make sure that the kettle, mugs and teabags are easily accessible!


To help you keep the tempo and your mood up on the big moving day, we've put together a Northfields Moving Day playlist on Spotify.

Click here to listen to Northfields Moving Day playlist on Spotify.

Can you think of any songs that we've missed that you think we should add to our playlist? Send us your suggestions via Twitter @NorthfieldsLive or via our Facebook page.  Or leave your comment below.

Whatever your reason for moving – we can help, so feel free to call us on 020 8799 3371 or email us.