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Redesigning our website

10 Jan 2018
Redesigning our website

We were very proud of our new website when built in 2015, and even prouder when it won silver at The Sunday Times Awards in 2016. However with changes to technology, business goals and the ever-moving online market it was time once again to take a fresh look.


We start off with design. Whilst design is often personal preference there are some key factors to adhere to;

  • Keep it clean
  • Keep it simple
  • Stay on brand

The goal here was to incorporate our business’ personality into a structure that allows for an easy customer experience. With our previous website we had bordered the banner and included call to actions running on the far right of the page, which we felt pulled a lot of user attention around too wide a space. With the redesign we looked to draw focus to a more centralised location on page, whilst giving options for the user to access necessary areas of the website without having to search too deeply. To showcase the personal and local service we provide our clients we introduced new video banners and photos into the homepage giving the user the comfort of knowing they are dealing with the best and can expect the best service.

You will notice another new aspect to the homepage, our interactive map of exactly where you can find us! Providing branch details can often be a dull affair, simply listing addresses and phone numbers. We wanted to provide a visual centrepiece showing where our branches lie in relation to nearby roads and railways, into which we placed representations of the great architecture that surrounds our superb location in London.

Technical Aspect

Redesigning a custom built website is not a simple project, where you can drag and drop new sections as you wish. Each aspect needs to be recoded, tested, adjusted and made responsive so that the website flows cleanly from desktop to mobile and, if you have experience with coding, you know that if you change one aspect it can often shift many others out of position. Along with the web developer team, Beth Waring, our head of lettings and client services, meticulously ran her keen eye through the development site, advising on where content had gone askew. As the website showcases our companies personality and therefore our own, we feel it very important to work closely with the developers to give them the best chance of reflecting who we are to the public.

Styling and content is not the only consideration here. Another main focus for us was to improve site speed, for which the developers have introduced and updated software that will help pages to load quicker. We have also moved our hosting to a service that is better suited to our type of website and traffic (number of users on the website).

Our new website!

After all the hard work that has gone in to redeveloping we are very proud of the outcome of our new site and greatly look forward to the feedback from our clients. We would advise that everyone stops once in a while to take a fresh look at their website and all aspects of their business so that you can continuously be the best that you can be.

Take a look at our new HOME PAGE