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The Rotary Club Community Recognition Award

15 Mar 2018
The Rotary Club Community Recognition Award

We were extremely proud to receive The Community Recognition Award from The Rotary Club of Hanwell and Northfields!

At Northfields we take great pleasure in aiding local charities, and to be given an award in appreciation of the dedication our team puts into the community means a whole lot.

About the Rotary Club and their amazing work

The Rotary Organisation consists of over 1.2 million men and women worldwide, who, utilising their time, talent and energy dedicate themselves to improving the lives of all in their respective local communities. The Rotary Club of Hanwell and Northfields has been serving our community for over eighty years, promoting and following causes that help bring about a community where we all can gain a greater standard of living and a much friendlier environment in which to rate our families.

At Northfields we always put people first, our Team is always rewarded for going above and beyond. Not only is this recognised year, quarterly and weekly but, daily within our offices. Our staff go above the call of duty for our clients as customer satisfaction is the core of the business. Northfields has been in the community for over 20 years, we truly feel part of the furniture in West London and are honoured to have the ability to give back.