We’re really lucky in our part of London, to have a whole host of fantastic independent businesses right on our doorstep. With the pandemic lockdown measures affecting them being able to open the doors to their physical premises, supporting Northfields businesses is more important than ever so that they can keep trading at what should be coming into the busiest time of the year.

Supporting Northfields Businesses

There’s no denying, the convenience of shopping online is a total draw, and certain businesses have a huge market share. But since the beginning of the pandemic, local businesses have been adapting and making it much easier for you to purchase from them online – so doing your Christmas shopping with local independents as much as possible will help local businesses no end.

Having said that, lots of people are currently feeling the pinch, so even if you’re unable to help businesses by buying from them at the moment, there are still ways you can show your support.

  • Visit their website
  • Share their social media posts and comment on them to help their reach
  • Send them a message of support
  • Tag their pages in posts you see of others asking for local businesses to shop with

Digital pet portraits

supporting northfields businesses

An example of one local business is Gary, from Front Room Dancing. Gary lives in Northfields and creates absolutely gorgeous bold, colourful graphics of your pets.

Supporting northfields businesses

Visit Gary’s website for prices, and to request your portrait. It’s the perfect gift idea, to brighten the day of any pet lovers in your life. Or even to brighten yours (treating yourself is encouraged!).

Northfields businesses recommendations

We would love to highlight more businesses in the local area, so if you have a business or know of someone who does, fill out the form on this page and drop us a message with details. We’ll feature as many as we possibly can on both our website and our social media profiles, so that we can all support our local shops and help them get through the pandemic even if they aren’t able to exhibit their work at local fairs, or open their physical premises at the moment.