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Throwback Thursday: How to keep your home warm this winter whether your own or rent your property

26 Sep 2013
Throwback Thursday: How to keep your home warm this winter whether your own or rent your property

As the temperatures go down your energy bills may go up.  However, there are ways you can make your home more energy efficient and your bills less expensive.

Home owners can make more permanent changes to the property to ensure long term savings.  While tenants can make some simple changes to their property that will not be permanent (and therefore not a  violation of your tenancy agreement) while still preserving warmth and saving money.

For Home Owners:

Install cavity-wall insulation – Insulating your walls is a more invasive way of making your property more energy efficient, but the results can be felt in your fingers and toes as well as your wallet, instantly.  Insulating your walls harnesses the heat generated in the home and may be of particular benefit to those people who own period properties.  As this job is involved it is best to hire a professional specialist., preferably one that is a qualified with the Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency (CIGA).

Draught-Stripping – Installing draught stripping, little strips of foam meant to block the gaps around windows and doors will significantly reduce cold air sneaking into your home and will retain the heat and ultimately saving you money.  This option is less of an investment than cavity-wall insulation costing around £50-£80 depending on whether you install it yourself or not.  Installing these simple measures can save up to £20 per year for a gas-heated semi-detached house.

Replace your boiler – Replacing an out of date boiler with a newer model helps the environment and reduces your bills.   Visit the Energy Saving Trust site hlep in replacing your boiler:

Loft Insulation –Insulating your loft is much easier and less expensive way to prevent heat escaping from your home.  To get the most of your money, boost the thickness of your loft insulation to between 250 and 300 mm.

Pipe Cladding – By insulating external pipes heat loss can be reduced to save you money, but the bones factor is that such measures also reduce the risk of the pipes freezing if a property is left unoccupied during a cold period.

For Tenants and Home Owners:

For tenants will be unable to make permanent changes to property without the landlord’s consent or those home owners who don’t have the time or money to invest in more serious energy efficiency measures, some of these simple solutions may help.

Draught excluders – buy or even make your own draft excluder to sit at the bottom of a door or window to prevent cold air from entering the home in gaps under doors and windows. For those who are handy with a needle and thread, click the link to find a few easy draught excluders that you can make yourself.

Energy efficient blinds – cover the whole of your windows with energy efficient blinds.  A fifth (20%) of all the heat lost from a home escapes through window panes and frames, but if you can’t install double glazing, then using energy efficient blinds could be the solution.  For example, Apollo’s Duette Blinds can cut heat loss and gain by 34%, meaning that your home will be warmer in winter and cooler in summer.  Click the link to read more about these money saving blinds.

Wear more layers – This may seem like an obvious solution, however, with modern heating some people have the expectation of being able to wear bare feet, shorts and a t-shirt around the house all winter long.  However, one option is to simply wear warmer clothes.  Adding on some warm slippers and cardigan may allow you to turn your heat down and save you money.  Then pile some warm blankets on the bed to keep cosy at night.  Often the best solutions are the simplest.

Request to see The Energy Performance Certificate for a Property Before Renting or Buying – Every property offered for sale or rent in the UK is required to have an Energy Performance Certificate.   These charts read much like the charts found on home appliances that can be consulted to see what the running costs of the home might be.

Consider buying or renting a more modern property – Keep in mind that if you love the charm of period property, older homes were originally built with little or no insulation and unless previous owners invested in energy efficient measures a period property is likely to cost you more to heat.  Studies by the Energy Saving Trust found that in an average year, a family in a three-bedroom Victorian semi will pay £250 more in energy bills than a family in a three-bedroom new-build semi.  So when choosing a property you need to decide if you want period charm more than cheaper heating bills.  Search through Northfields listings of properties to buy and let to find a property that has the charm and/or warmth factor you are looking for, just click the links.

There are lots of option for keeping your home toasty warm this winter while keeping the cost of heating down.  And they don’t all cost the earth.

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