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We’d like to give you 30 mins of free personal training for your feedback

16 Feb 2014

Part of the reason we've had so much success, winning 29 national awards over the years is because we are continually monitoring our own service to make sure that we always stay in award-winning shape!

We would like to know how you feel about your experience at Northfields.

Your opinion is so important to us that we'd like to give you a 30 minute free personal training session from Bodyline Fitness Studios in Ealing for giving us your honest opinion.  

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Not sure how to do a Google Review?

Watch this video – it's under 4 minutes long, telling you how to give us feedback using Google Reviews.


Find the link to the branch that helped you

You'll need to find the link to the branch of Northfields that helped you to do the review. Copy and paste the correct link from below into your browser:


Thank you for leaving us a Google Review! 

Once you've completed your review, please email us the link and we'll send you a voucher to for your free personal training session.