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What is Ealing Hour? Why should I get involved and how?

22 Mar 2014

What is #EalingHour?

Ealing Hour is something that takes place on Twitter where one hour is dedicated to people who tweet about Ealing.  Every Tuesday from 8-9pm anyone who would like to tweet about Ealing related topics can join the Twitter conversation using the hashtag #ealinghour.  Using the hashtag allows all the other Ealing tweeters to find each other.


Why have an #EalingHour?

Part of the challenge of Twitter is that you never know when the people you want to talk to and influence are going to be active, but with #EalingHour it focuses a lot of attention on one time when you know that a large number of people who are also interested in Ealing will be actively engaging on Twitter using that hashtag.

What can you talk about during Ealing hour?

Well not to sound too obvious but you can talk about anything related to Ealing.  That could include:

-          Raising Issues that concern you about Ealing

-          Promoting special events happening in Ealing

-          Offering promotions, special offers or discounts in Ealing

-          Telling people about news related to Ealing

-          Letting people know about your services, products or businesses that are available in Ealing

-          Sharing photos of Ealing or Ealing based people

-          Asking for recommendations for services based in Ealing

-          Connecting with other like-mind Ealing-loving people, making new friends or business connections

And this is key:

You can and should retweet the tweets from other #EalingHour participants.  This way we can spread the Ealing love and find new followers who are also passionate about our little pocket of West London.

How can you become involved?

Jump onto Twitter every Tuesday between 8-9pm and tweet something Ealing related.  Be sure to use the hashtag #EalingHour.  Don’t just tweet though – respond to other #EalingHour tweeters.  Retweet their #EalingHour tweets and try to be supportive of other Ealing tweeters.


How do I keep track of the conversation?

Everyone needs to use the designated hashtag #EalingHour to be part of the fun.  You can use several tools to help you find #EalingHour tweeters and to better follow the conversation.

Twitter Search within Twitter itself will let you see certain hashtags or a third-party entity like Tweetdeck will help you to hone in just on that conversation and filter out the rest of the noise. You can also use a tool like TweetChat or to focus just on the conversation happening around #EalingHour and they’ll actually append the appropriate hashtag automatically.

I’ve also created a public list of Ealing Hour tweeters.  You can access this list by clicking the link or by going to view our profile @Northfieldslive and looking at our lists. You’ll find one called Ealing Hour with the tweeters who have become involved listed.  If you are not currently on this list and would like to be included please tweet us @Northfieldslive.

How is @Northfieldslive involved?

Colleen Babcock bio photo
Colleen is the Marketing Manager responsible for @Northfieldslive tweets & hosting #EalingHour – feel free to ask questions

Well it’s a funny story.  Some local Ealing tweeters @clarence_alabam and @ContactusEaling wanted to have an Ealing Hour but wanted someone active on Twitter with a lot of followers and a local focus to host the event.  They asked us.  We obliged.  And here we are.

We’re always happy to find ways to give back to our community and to help bring Ealing people together.  Ealing Hour is not about us though.  It’s about you.  The residents, the charities and the businesses of Ealing.  We’ll be there to answer questions about property of course, but we are facilitating Ealing Hour for you.  We're the hosts, so to speak.

Join us for #EalingHour Tuesday from 8-9pm.

If you have any questions about #EalingHour give us a tweet @Northfieldslive.